That Girl at the Office

s94 Some days I miss being in an office! But I was never that “typical” girl in the office, I have always been a vibrant colour palette full of prints and colourful heels. You won’t often find me in a traditional black suit, but if you do there’s going to be a pop of colour to accent it. I enjoy wearing clothing that I would call business casual, some would think its more business professional, but its fun and tasteful. Who said that business and “professional” meant boring?!

s93 For me the brighter the better! I am thrilled by loud prints and vibrant palette. Bold jewellery even more so! I often hear at the store women say “its too loud for me” and they walk out wearing the same neutrals or blacks that they came in in. There are so many amazing dresses out there in so many shapes and styles, but women are so afraid of them! Either you love them or you run the other way. For me they are so easy to style but the fit has to be right. I almost always have to take them up an inch in the shoulders and often the hem as well because below the knee is less flattering on my 5’2 height.

s92 “Normal” shoppers often have the idea that I must be good at thrift shopping, they whine that they never find anything, that there must be a trick to it or I am just lucky. They think I must go every single day in order to “find the good stuff”. Which is completely not true. Its not easy, its not a walk in and walk out type shopping experience. You have to be able to envision the look, it has to fit, and it has to be the right price. You wouldn’t believe how many times I said goodbye to pieces I loved because I thought they were priced ridiculously high for what they are. We all have a price we are willing to pay for things and when it comes to thrifting, my price is low and that’s the truth of it.

s91 I also am not above taking chances or risks. I’m willing to cut open a dress to make it fit better, most would not. I’m willing to chance that the item will fit me when I get home if I don’t feel like trying it on. Thrifting is a gamble, but a financially sound one. People would never believe the price I pay for what I wear every day, they can’t believe they spend $180 on the same type of dress at the mall and only wore it once. If I spend $10 and only wear it once I’m content with that… I see women every day consigning brand new $400 purses that they decided they didn’t like afterward. I have no words.

Monthly Consignment Update

Thrift Spending:

August 1st – $0
August 8th – $0
August 15th – $0
August 22nd – $0
August 29th – $0

Total purchases: $0

Total income: $1096

Number of items consigned: 127

Consignment Income $1096 – Spending $0 = Month End Balance $1096

Holy moly no purchases in August! I guess that is a combination of working so much and my thrift haul a few weeks ago to resell at the store, I had no interest in going to Value Village where the Halloween and Christmas junk has infiltrated!

Ottawa Thrift Trip

ottawa2 ottawa1

I have skipped plenty of Value Village half price weekends this year as sometimes thrifting loses its thrill when the price points start creeping up and I don’t see the value in it. Last weekend I decided to spontaneously treat myself to a morning away (as in a two hour drive) to Ottawa to hit up the Value Village circuit for the Super Saver’s half price day. I like to be there for 10:00am when it opens that way I can get a cart and the clothing isn’t absolutely everywhere as per my second stop an hour later.

ottawa3 By the time I get in there are already women rummaging through every row so I get in line as it were and start the plunge. I thrift to resell far easier than I thrift for myself. I know at this stage of the game what will sell the fastest and what the women in Kingston are looking for. Mainly tops, bright prints and clean lines. I spent $180 in the first location I stopped at, which is over $300 in product, roughly $3 per item! The most expensive item I bought was $20, so I paid $10… I flipped this wonderful item at the store within two days to bring home a $40 profit!

I was hoping to turn a profit on a Kathy van Zeeland bag I found for $6… unfortunately even after examining it I realize the shiny finish was completely peeling away. Can’t imagine how I would have missed it in the store as I comb through everything after discovering these items. Sadly not much you can do but shrug your shoulders and toss it.

I have two favourite finds at the end of this haul: a nameless white lace long sleeved mini dress and a vibrant neon print dress by Sandra Angelozzi. I paid $3 for the white number and wore it the next day, I had not expected it to even remotely fit but my gosh its a beauty!

14088511_920764114720061_2791294797912723309_n ottawa4

The neon print dress the cashier commented on how she loved it but donated it because the top was too gappy on her – it was on me too always is! So in the early hours of the morning before work I took it up in the shoulders as I so often do and it fits like a dream. After wearing it over the course of a regular busy work day I discovered it is not so good for bending!! I checked out the brand online and Sandra Angelozzi dresses range in the upwards of $200 ballpark! Not bad for $6!

Monthly Consignment Update

Thrift Spending:

July 1st – $15
July 4th – $11
June 11th – $27
June 18th – $0
June 25th – $0

Total purchases: $53

Total income: $837

Number of items consigned: 72

Consignment Income $837 – Spending $53 = Month End Balance $784

How to dress, when you’ve gained weight

kimchibluedressIts not easy to say those words is it? That word “weight” combined in the same sentence as “gain” just doesn’t feel good to say. Not that weight gain is bad or should be frowned upon, it is just ingrained in us, especially as women, that weight gain is negative and therefore fills us with disgust.

I have, for the most part, always been the same size and same average weight – but more and more as my work consumes most of my spare time, I find myself having less and less energy to do any sort of physical activity. Combined of course with the stress of searching for your new home and all the wonderful goodies that come along with buying your first home… I’m sure there’s a few stress pounds in there too.

Regardless of the reasons why we gain, we need to be able to dress regardless of our size. By all means don’t go throwing out all your clothing that suddenly no longer fits. For all you know this could be a fluctuation which happens in women’s bodies. Sometimes I wake up and can’t fit into a pair of shorts, by the afternoon those same shorts are falling down. This could be just me, but my weight shifts over the course of the day. Continue Reading

Tips for Consigning Clothing

Remove the sales tags if it shows a low value or a price sticker.

    I collected a few sales tags to show you what people leave on their clothing that they are bringing in. “Outlet $9.99 Compare at $19.00” “Value Village $5.49” “Value Village $9.49” If the store prices based on a 1/3 rate of the retail value an item with a price tag of $5 would have to be sold at $1.60 of which the consignor would receive .64 cents. That is assuming the prices don’t drop or go on sale.

    It is in your best interest to remove the label from the inside, play on the fact that most people wouldn’t know the item is from Streetwear Society or George. At the very least remove the price tag. I find a lot of women think that because their items have original sales tags that it will increase the value of their items, it does not in most cases. The only instance where it would is if the item is an expensive highly sought after item such as a Lululemon jacket ($250) or Frank Lyman dress ($200).

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Monthly Consignment Update

Thrift Spending:

June 1st – $0
June 6th – $0
June 13th – $0
June 20th – $0
June 27th – $0

Total purchases: $0

Consignment Income:

June 1 through 5th – $133
June 6th through 12th – $362
June 13th through 19th – $250
June 20th through 26th – $306
June 27th through 30th – $85

Total income: $1136

Number of items consigned: 80

Consignment Income $1136 – Spending $0 = Month End Balance $1136

When you buy a house your priorities change. What can I say? I turned my focus 100% towards renovating and moving into my new home and completely ignored the thrift stores. I imagine the day will come when I feel the urge to shop, but right now I am looking at clearing out – styling what I currently have and making my yard sale finds new!

Home Renovations

If you would like to follow my new home renovations I will be uploading images here as time progresses. I purchased my first home on June 17th, 2016 and have begun the process of updating!


















2 Big Hutches

The Kijiji Hutch

What I like to call the “big hutch” when in actuality they are both essentially the same size. Surprisingly light weight too! This one I found on Kijiji in Belleville (a solid hour’s drive from my home) for $75. My parents frowned when I showed them the image but it was my decision. I could see the potential in it. If I could I would remove some of the bulk in the front that is just decorative but I am not skilled enough in wood-working!

I do not yet have finished photographs but you can start to see the progression. This particular pieces I sanded down prior to painting. A word of caution about something you may come across if you are refinishing thrifted furniture – sometimes the varnish dye used in cheaply made furniture will run when paint touches it. This one for example required more coats than expected, A) because its very dark but B) the finish blended with the white paint and became yellow. It was almost as if the dye was mixing with the paint. The first time I noticed this even with all the furniture I’ve painted over the years.
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