2 Big Hutches

The Kijiji Hutch

What I like to call the “big hutch” when in actuality they are both essentially the same size. Surprisingly light weight too! This one I found on Kijiji in Belleville (a solid hour’s drive from my home) for $75. My parents frowned when I showed them the image but it was my decision. I could see the potential in it. If I could I would remove some of the bulk in the front that is just decorative but I am not skilled enough in wood-working!

I do not yet have finished photographs but you can start to see the progression. This particular pieces I sanded down prior to painting. A word of caution about something you may come across if you are refinishing thrifted furniture – sometimes the varnish dye used in cheaply made furniture will run when paint touches it. This one for example required more coats than expected, A) because its very dark but B) the finish blended with the white paint and became yellow. It was almost as if the dye was mixing with the paint. The first time I noticed this even with all the furniture I’ve painted over the years.

The $20 Battle Hutch

On a spontaneous yard sale-ing adventure with my parents one Saturday morning we stumbled across a big yard sale in a nearby town. Our van was already full of other purchases from other sales but a cream coloured hutch caught the corner of my eye and I just had to know what she was asking for it. My dad jumped out and ran over to ask. Only $20. $20!!

He ran over to the woman with $20 in hand and another woman overheard and shouted “that lady is buying it!” pointed to a woman on the other side of the driveway. The thing is, she didn’t offer any money for it she simply called her husband to bring the truck down. The yard sale owner said she didn’t want to get into the middle if it was becoming a bidding war – my dad said absolutely not my daughter wants it and I have $20 right here. The other woman admitted she didn’t offer up the cash upfront so rightfully it should go to me.

Fortunately when it comes to his little girl, my dad doesn’t back down and doesn’t barter for what she wants haha! We had to sacrifice my mom’s seat in the van to get part of it in, rushed home to empty the van and ran back to collect mom and the rest of the hutch. Fortunately my mom stayed with the unit just in case. As I had dreaded (from working in customer service!) the daughter had come out of the house and said they should sell the bottom half to someone else and get another $20. Can you believe that? For a lousy $20.

Thankfully my mom was standing by and we fully loaded the van once again and now that beauty is definitely a staple in my home.


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