365 Days of Thrift

Thrifty Threads 365I never thought I’d gush over an app, but lately Instagram is my best friend. Its a great way for me to connect with thrifters all over the globe sharing the same passion for fashion! Recently I have found Patrice of Looking Fly on a Dime, who has a great Instagram feed and blog with a special feature called Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge.

Although my whole world has always been thrift, it was a fascinating read! On a monthly budget of $50 (I know for a fact I spend way more than that!) she committed herself to only shopping second hand for the entire year. Since 2010 she has been completing this challenge with great success! What an accomplishment! The girls of the “No Shop September” with the $100 a week budget should take notes.

The whole concept really brings into perspective the budget lifestyle, that sense of achievement at the end, to look back and reflect on your spending. Naturally this is only a challenge for those of us that enjoy the shopping experience. I have budgeted the rest of my life, for bills and travel but not in regards to thrifting – which is kind of interesting. Much like someone trying to lose weight, recording what you eat makes you aware of what you eat in a day. In this case, it would be interesting for me to keep a diary, maybe a blog feature, about each thrift trip whether the finds be big or small.

Not only does it help yourself but you can also inspire others to budget, set goals and really strive to only buy what is a “must-have”!

If you’d like to join in on the next challenge for 2015 be sure to add the hashtag #ThriftyThreads365 to your IG photos so all participants can see your progress!


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