A May Full of Dresses!

I think every day you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself as a person. We change, we evolve, we grow. May brought me once again, a new perspective on my style. I have often wondered what my style is, if I even have “a style”. I look at other Instagram feeds, see the closets of other YouTubers and I think – they have a firm grasp on their style. But do I? Its one of those surreal things where you can see it in others but not yourself. My style extends from my passion for clothing, texture, colour and shape. Maybe that is my “style”?

One staple in my wardrobe is dresses. I have always loved dresses I find them so flattering and comfortable. I have a lot of curves that don’t always fit nicely into pants, certainly not shorts and occasionally jeans. Stretch is my best friend. Dresses flow, they move with your body and they can fit a huge variety of shapes and sizes. This month I even tried a shift dress which I normally run from as they aren’t the best for my hour glass figure. This particular one, a light orange and grey floral print by Nine West, really caught my eye and it turned out to be an adorable easy pull on dress that matches my colour palette.

I also found a maroon lace dress with a mesh strip across the upper stomach area. I’m not sold on this dress as comfortable as it was, its a cheap make so it was immediately stringy and looked tattered when I washed it. So minor no one would notice of course. But the sheer area I feel is too teenager for my taste. I love the colour too but it felt dark and heavy for the season, despite it being a summer dress. I may pass this one on or try it again and see how I feel in the fall.

This dress I have debated tossing more than once, for no particular reason only that I don’t wear it as often as I should. When I put it on I feel like the world lights up around me and its just a magical feeling. Could it be that its neon yellow? The boldness of it? The shape that flatters my curves? Or maybe its because its such a bold statement look that I love to pull off? Its also very light weight so it can only be worn in the warm days of summer. I felt like “shopping” in my closet this week and brought out a few pieces that I hadn’t worn recently including this one.

Easy dresses are my favourite for work because they take minimal to no effort to style for those mornings I want a few extra winks! This super sweet black floral number by Cooper Street which is an Australian designer which retails for about $250 at Nordstrom! Psst, I paid less than $15 at Talize! I love finding deals like this, its always surprising when I look up brands after the fact out of curiosity. Usually I am oblivious to the brand and its cost, as for me its about the item itself not who made it. After the fact, its a huge boost when you find out you only paid a fraction of what it retails for!


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