Across Canada Thrifting Journey – Day Three

I won’t lie the final leg of my journey did not take me through any major cities that would have had thrift stores or Value Villages for that matter. I was up at 6:00am for my final day in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and off to North Bay, Pembroke, Algonquin and finally home. I pulled into the driveway around 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon and surprised my parents and Max. Who knew a dog could be so excited to see me step out of the car?

Although my dad was convinced I must have lied about my whereabouts – I had accidentally said I was in Sudbury when I was two hours shy of there. So in fact I had said I was a lot farther along than I actually was. As it turns out the alternative route I came up with saved me a ton of highway driving and offered quite a nice relaxing route for the final stretch of the trip. With the car fully packed to the brim, I only grabbed a few bags to take inside the rest would wait until I had stretched out and had a few hours to unwind.


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