After-Holiday Tips

outsideI made a video before my trip showing some of my tips for going on a solo adventure. I had a list I thought I had it all figured out, quite simply because it was my 5th time going away. I still ran into a few glitches that were simply an oversight on my part and undervalued a handful of items! Here are a few things that I want to address from my trip because not everything will go the way you planned.

The shampoo that is provided in the room will have to last you the entire time you are there, its often a 2 in 1 and in my world that screams garbage in comparison to Pantene. I am not sure why but it didn’t occur to me to pack a small bottle of my own, despite looking at it at Walmart and organizing my bottles over and over. I felt like my hair was never clean and always greasy that whole trip so I ended up trying to tie my hair back a lot.

Bobby Pins & Hair Ties
As per my first point, not thinking that you’d have a grease problem to deal with I was understocked with the essentials for putting up my hair. Those of you with short hair may not have this same dilemma. I had three bobby pins, my faux bun ring and four small elastics that are basically a one use only. I had brought my curling iron but the power in the bathroom (the only plug it would fit into) didn’t have enough power to make it work. My power cords for my phone however fit in any outlet… Needless to say when I saw a spare bobby pin on the ground I snatched it up – holding your hair in place with a tiny elastic and two bobby pins isn’t easy.

Beach Coverup
I looked at my clothing and thought I could just wear the denim skirt and top as my beach coverup not realizing this wasn’t the easiest way to go about it. If you’re not completely dry you’ll end up with wet clothes or have to sit at the snack bar with a wet denim bum. I used one of the dresses I brought as my coverup some days, others my blanket. Conveniently my room was near the beach so I often just made a quick stop before hitting up the snack bar.

Blisters are real
This is not something that happened to me but happened to both friends I made on this holiday. Major shoe malfunction resulting in painful blisters and not a bandaid to be found except back in the rooms which were a solid 10 minute walk away. The resort is usually out of these supplies and so I’d recommend backing 1 bandaid in your clutch or pocket to take out with you for the evening.

Snacks for travel
I spent $15 on peanut M&M’s at the airport. This really doesn’t need further explaining. I thought any sort of food would be confiscated but as it turns out its only meat and cheese products they care about. So on the way down I had a bag of chocolate that lasted me most of the trip then on the way back I had nothing for the two hour bus, followed by the almost three hour airport wait, followed by the four hour flight… Bring your own treats for these unexpected long waits!


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