Aussie Short Shorts

Short Shorts!I’m sure you’ve heard my rants before about people wearing things that are unflattering, too tight, too short, etc. I was presented with a unique situation where I did not have much option. Occasionally in Kingston I see girls with sizable thighs wearing micro mini shorts, a la “Daisy Dukes” which I am not overly fond of. After arriving in Cairns, Australia I received a very unexpected shock of temperature change. Clearly I did look into the weather in advance, but when you see 29, 30 degrees you think “Oh that sounds lovely” but when you step on a plane in jeans and a coat, but step off into palm trees you end up with this overwhelming realization you may not have packed appropriately!

Essentially all of my summer dresses (Ontario summer that is) were too warm! It had not occurred to me that my dresses had linings or fabrics such as lace that would make them not breathe. Not that I was complaining, but it was a great excuse to hunt down the thrift shops. I did pop into several “real” stores but the prices were that of the high end shops here in Kingston, and really did not appeal in the slightest.

The first wardrobe issue I encountered was the denim shorts I had altered three times prior to this trip were considerably not to mention uncomfortably big on my hips now. The issue being a combination of weight loss and stretch denim. I had brought only one pair of shorts for this trip thinking I would simply wear them over and over. Sadly they lasted one day before I was completely fed up with pulling them up!

I decided to go searching for shorts only to discover one vital problem, girls in Australia wear cropped shorts! Its easy to judge and say other girls are too big to wear those, but I am judging myself too! I rummaged through Vinnie’s looking for a cheap pair of shorts that would get me through our upcoming excursions (which would have been awkward in a dress!) Only to discover there were no shorts with actual legs!

In the summer my shorts of choice are board shorts that end just above the knee. This look is very slimming on a body like mine composed of wide hips, bum and thicker thighs. Unfortunately it had not occurred to me to bring a pair with me. I managed to find one pair of light denim cut off, high waisted shorts for $4. At that price I could tolerate having a less than ideal look. As uncomfortable as I was at the start, it quickly wore off when I realized I didn’t know anyone here that was going to tell me I shouldn’t wear these! I was hot, I needed less clothing!



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