Can’t go wrong with Neon!

I’ve gone through many phases in my life with regard to my sense of colour and style. Recently, let’s say, the last four years – I have been attracted to a neon colour palette. Anything super bright with a lot of punch! As I type this I notice my nail colour is also neon pink! But not so long ago I would not have given yellow – any shade of it – a second glance. I despised it and couldn’t process how someone could like it, let alone love it.

Then not so long ago I started seeing home decorating shows with a grey, white and yellow combination. I started to play with the idea after years of thinking it did “nothing” for me. It was also around this time that I realized the theory on what colours people should wear is bogus as well. The good ol’ days of the Hudson Bay doing “your colours” to see what season’s colours your skin matches. When I worked retail that was the number one comment I would hear as to why they wouldn’t look at something, “I only buy jewel tones… I can’t wear green… I can’t do blah blah blah with my skin tone…” Granted for me the only questionable colour is one that matches my skin, it either has to be more pink (blush) or a lighter beige. But how often do I actually wear basic neutrals?

Neon goes hand in hand with the bold prints I adore so much. I also love the stark contrast it gives a relatively simple look – let’s say the yellow blazer with a white dress. For me it looks fresh and crisp! Although it took me many years to appreciate, I can completely understand why many people would shy away from such bold colour. Its funny to me that even on vacation in a tropical location – I still stand out. Who would have thought in the Caribbean neon would still be rare? It goes without saying, people stick with their tried and true, their “safe” colour palette. Thus why I stand out next to the crowd that loves its greys and blacks.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with those, I’m guilty too! But more often than not, its a bright bold outfit that makes me feel on top of the world. I’ve had many neon yellow dresses in my day, I continue to thrift them every few months! The key thing that I need to be aware of is just because I am obsessed with the colour, doesn’t mean the style is going to work for my body.

P.S. I still own and wear all the looks you see on this blog post! Except the neon pumps, I tried wearing them a few times but they were just too high for me.


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