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The Pantyhose Dilemna

greenpinkprintdress I recently intercepted a conversation being had between a woman trying on outfits suitable for her daughter’s wedding and a friend. Each time the woman came out of the changeroom in a new dress they critiqued, hmm’d and haa’d over what was most flattering, what message it gave off and what her conservative daughter would think.

This woman has tried on many outfits in our store over the course of the week. I did not catch the date of the event, but she kept coming back to “do you think my conservative daughter would approve?” Continue Reading

Thrift Life

I have done a lot of reading in the past year about finances, budget lifestyle and ways women have reshaped their spending habits. I find myself disheartened at each one because of the way most regard being thrifty. Some call it being cheap, others being financially savvy. Maybe I am money conscious, or perhaps a more political stance of not wanting to encourage the overpricing of goods or the supporting of businesses with inhumane practices.

The most recent article I came across on Facebook was that of Ayssa Barrette, “7 Eye Opening Lessons I Learned From Buying Nothing New For 200 Days” as posted on Collective Evolution. Knowing her background in environmental sustainability I can understand her points made in her article, however I can’t help but feel dissatisfied. Continue Reading

Budgeting | Part 1 | “Start A Budget”

Often people wonder how I am able to change my wardrobe and furniture as much as I do without a huge salary. For me its quite simple: the thrift lifestyle! but a more accurate response is a little more complicated: I budget. My parents developed a way to track their budget more wisely after years of just having a loose idea in their minds of what goes where. They began watching “Til Debt Do Us Part” where they started learning even more tips and tricks.

Personally having never watched the show (hurray for no tv!) I find this basic excel sheet budget the absolute best tool one can have for their personal savings and spending. I have taken some time to write out a complete step by step tutorial on how to create and begin your budget over two very extensive blog posts. If you’re ready to start saving, click the link to begin the tutorial!

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New Years Resolutions

As another year comes to an end we begin to reflect on how the last twelve months have flown by and all the things we did or did not accomplish. Although I did not walk along the shores of PEI, I did feel the sand of Cayo Coco, Cuba warm between my toes and the scorching heat of Cairns, Australia on my face. I am fortunate to have budgeted as well as I did to be able to take these adventures and it certainly shows that the effort can really pay off in the end.
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365 Days of Thrift

Thrifty Threads 365I never thought I’d gush over an app, but lately Instagram is my best friend. Its a great way for me to connect with thrifters all over the globe sharing the same passion for fashion! Recently I have found Patrice of Looking Fly on a Dime, who has a great Instagram feed and blog with a special feature called Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge.

Although my whole world has always been thrift, it was a fascinating read! On a monthly budget of $50 (I know for a fact I spend way more than that!) she committed herself to only shopping second hand for the entire year. Since 2010 she has been completing this challenge with great success! What an accomplishment! The girls of the “No Shop September” with the $100 a week budget should take notes. Continue Reading

Dress For The Job You Want

InterviewOver the past month I have been doing a lot of interviews to fill a part time position at the store. I am very disheartened in how the public simply does not care about how they present themselves. I am saying this in the most broad sense of the phrase. People in general do not care about anything, things in life have less value. We raise our children to be strong, stand up to bullies – by not caring. To wear whatever we chose – by not caring. To use our right to free speech – by not caring.

As a population, young and old, we no longer care about anything. I could go on for days discussing the social fall of humanity, point fingers at television or bad parenting, or simply blame those with more money than I do for not being fair. In this case, women of any age delivering resumes both hand written and typed into the store as has been the norm for generations, but in yoga pants. They show up looking like they rolled out of bed, as if they didn’t mean to go out in public they were simply doing their laundry at home… Continue Reading

The Sign of Defeat

White BlazerI say this at least once a day, women need to dress better. I love this quote I recently found by Karl Lagerfeld and I think it basically sums up my feelings about our society’s love of Lululemon.

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

Yoga pants, athletic wear, sports wear, warm up pants, running shoes… what do all these things have in common? Fitness! Are the women wearing these things every day for work, for shopping, for errands – doing what you would classify as “fitness”? Sadly we are now a society that is lazy, too busy and sloppy. At least when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Continue Reading

Questionable Pricing

Pottery $29.99After tonight’s thrifting adventure, I would like to once again address the most popular rant of the typical shopper: the price. As I was making my way around to the front of the store headed toward the cash, I happened to glance over my shoulder and noticed something familiar. I had donated some items the week before as I was de-cluttering my living room space, I decided I didn’t need so many trinkets and pieces of cheap pottery when I had perfectly good local artist pieces on display.

This piece of pottery is meant to have two pieces, the top which they had featured on the shelf and then a base for it to sit in. I imagine it was meant for a candle – though I didn’t use it for this purpose. So thought number one: it’s missing its base (which I did donate at the same time); thought number two: HOLY MACKEREL $29.99?!!
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Change Room Etiquette

20140310-210326.jpgAllow me to address an issue I have working in retail: Who leaves a change room like this?

I took these photos in a very loud manner and made sure I collected all of the items and dumped them on the counter next to the customer’s purchases. I am normally quite calmly composed and smile as much as a customer may bother me. But this state left me in complete shock and I wanted her to feel ashamed.

As a thrift shopper myself, I know the drill with change rooms. No matter what store I’m in, I end up tidying up items that are falling off hangers as I go along browsing. When I use a change room I always put the items back on the hangers as I found them – save for bras at Walmart! I do my best to leave my unwanted items neatly back on the returns rack, not in the change room or on the floor, save for those pesky bras I hand them to the attendants directly. Continue Reading

The Matters of Size

Daily Digs - Soft PinkYou’ve heard me say this a million times, but I’ll say it again: Size doesn’t matter.

Now we’re not talking about the never-ending debate between men and women as to whether they are adequate, below average or above so get your head out of the gutter! Think for a moment the clothing you currently have in your closet, think of all the bins you have in storage full of clothing and that nicely folded pile that hasn’t moved on that shelf since you moved in two years ago.

I imagine you have a Rubbermaid bin of seasonal wear, things you only need in extreme weather conditions or special occasion items such as that gorgeous dress you just had to have but haven’t had a single excuse to wear. That pile of jeans on the top shelf have been there a long while – none of which are the size you are now. There’s probably a small size, a few large sizes and a pair you always liked but never fit into… saving them all for a raining day when you might be one of those sizes. Better to have them just in case right? Continue Reading

What is Appropriate?

What is Appropriate?There’s something about wearing pastels, pinks and peach tones that makes me feel super girly. I’d have to say I’ve never really been a tomboy, if I can wear heels I will. My outfits effect me very strongly, if it doesn’t come together my mood is off and my day usually reflects that I don’t feel on the ball. Guys wonder why it takes considerably longer for most women to get ready in the morning, a concept such as this that they would never understand. I strive to look better than “fine” and I think we all should put in some effort in the morning. Everyone has excuses, I have my share some days too. But if a girl such as myself that is very sleep-deprived can get up at 6:15 every morning, shower, style my hair, do my makeup, design an outfit and prepare a lunch for myself – I think you can too.

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