Full Colour or Bust!

brightfloralskirt Ah yes, a new favourite! I’m sure I say this in every post, but its okay to have a ton of favourite newly-created looks!

Much like most of my other outfits, these pieces had to be altered in order to suit my body shape. This New York & Co floral skirt really didn’t fit at all when I tried it on, but every now and then there are pieces that you just have to have no matter how much work they will involve in the end. I took it in two inches to make it a high waisted style and brought up the hem about the same amount so it came closer to the knee. Anything past the knee on my height makes me look frumpy.

Lately I have been very disheartened with the size of arms in blouses. I’d like to say its not me its the manufacturer – but the more times it happens the more I wonder if my bicep area has expanded or if magically your arms can gain weight when the rest of your body hasn’t. This was a long sleeved blouse by H&M when it began, but even my trick of opening up the serged seam didn’t work. It was exactly the colour I wanted so what the hell, I chopped the arms off. I had no intention on wearing it without the blazer so for now the rough edge is fine.

I finally have the perfect outfit to match this statement necklace I had ordered from eBay in the summer. Love it!


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