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A regular customer came into the store last week and paused, she was trying to find the right words. “You’re dressing very… ” then she skipped finding a word to fill in and went to “…lately” yes I agree I have been dressing very “…” lately! I told her I was enjoying styling new outfits lately and she agreed it was really nice to see.

Yes it is nice to see when people dress up and look put together. I enjoy being complete with accessories and matching elements. I like to look like I thought about it when I chose my look. I care about these things.

I’m most sad when women bring in their clothing for consignment and say “I’m retired now so I don’t need any of this” which would make sense if it was clearly business attire, but its their every day nice casual wear. They get rid of all their dresses, all their jewellery, their “nicer” pieces. So what that tells me is women who retire resort to wearing sweat pants? Wearing athletic wear even though you haven’t seen a gym in ten years?

Clothing is an exciting thing we can wear over our bodies, why not love and enjoy every day with something that says wow! I like to feel my best, which comes from looking my best. I rarely leave the house dressed down, even when I am people still think I’m dressed up. There’s nothing better to me than styling a new outfit and have people say “that outfit looks amazing on you!”

I like to look at my clothing and say, this is such a nice top… I wonder if this will go with this… and it does! So many women hate to shop, and I get that. I hate to sit around watching Netflix. We all have things we do that we enjoy and no one else has to understand. It just makes me feel great to leave the house looking my best. It makes me sad however when our culture is looking more and more like we rolled out of bed and didn’t bother to change out of our pajamas. There’s a time and a place and that’s at home at bedtime.


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  1. I love what you wrote in the last paragraph. You are so right. I’ve been married to my hubby for 21 year (I’m almost 43) and I work mostly from home and I still make sure I look nice and do my makeup because I want to look nice for when he gets home. I’m not just doing it for him (even though partly I am), I’m doing it because it makes me feel great too. I’ve started watching your Youtube videos and love them. I really like the GRWM where you get dressed and I would love to see more of your thrift haul try ons. I really like your style and find that most of the thrift hauls I find on youtube are really young girls who have different styles from me. Are there any other youtubers you enjoy watching?

    Hope all is well and happy new year from Chicago! 🙂

    1. I follow a few women on Instagram and a few on YouTube, but yes I agree that a lot of times my style is very different from other people. I watch two girls that are listed as ThriftersAnonymous, ThriftYourHeartOut, Christie Ressel… No one really seems a lot like myself though. I need to get some improved lights setup in my house (unfortunately like most homes my lighting is crap!) so I’ll be doing more try ons when its easier to see what I’m wearing.

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