How to dress, when you’ve gained weight

kimchibluedressIts not easy to say those words is it? That word “weight” combined in the same sentence as “gain” just doesn’t feel good to say. Not that weight gain is bad or should be frowned upon, it is just ingrained in us, especially as women, that weight gain is negative and therefore fills us with disgust.

I have, for the most part, always been the same size and same average weight – but more and more as my work consumes most of my spare time, I find myself having less and less energy to do any sort of physical activity. Combined of course with the stress of searching for your new home and all the wonderful goodies that come along with buying your first home… I’m sure there’s a few stress pounds in there too.

Regardless of the reasons why we gain, we need to be able to dress regardless of our size. By all means don’t go throwing out all your clothing that suddenly no longer fits. For all you know this could be a fluctuation which happens in women’s bodies. Sometimes I wake up and can’t fit into a pair of shorts, by the afternoon those same shorts are falling down. This could be just me, but my weight shifts over the course of the day.

When I have gained weight I notice it mostly in my hip area which means the first things to start feeling snug is pants, my thighs show their curve more than usual. But let me just say this, pants and shorts are hard for everyone, every body type – they’re just not a super flattering thing… unless of course your legs are sculpted from working out! For the most part, dresses and skirts for me are the easiest things to wear. They’re flowy, they’re fitted and can hide all manner of extra curve. If you need a little more curve, they can certainly do that too!

Today I’m trying out a strapless number by Kimchi Blue. Strapless dresses are always a risk and are hard to pull off without a bulge somewhere along the top. This one seems to hold up well with the tight zipper down the side. I was actually pretty impressed! I am testing it out to see if it lasts the 9 hour test, arms up and down, bending over and how many times I feel the need to yank up.

This dress flows out over my stomach, over my hips and is only fitted at the top – which on me, doesn’t change size much. If you’re not crazy about the width of your arms you can always cover up with a jacket or cardigan. Stick with tops that are distracting, prints always disguise the snug factor. Or go with a more flowy layered look. I find a lot of women who are trying to hide their shape actually look much larger when they wear draped, oversized clothing. The more fitted to your body shape the slimmer you’ll look. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of styles and sizes – don’t force yourself into a smaller size if right now you’re not that size.


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