Jackets: The Finishing Touch!

We all have our wardrobe must-haves, one of mine is a variety of blazers and jackets. I work in a clothing store and I find my body cannot stay warm regardless of the season, either its the bone-chilling air conditioning or the furnace doesn’t heat the room I’m working in. Blazers are a definitely must for work, then I can take them off should that magical day occur when I am warm!

I have quite an array in my closet, both blazers and jackets depending on the look I’m going for or what the activity is. I am a huge fan of fitted blazers. I wish women wore them more often they are just such a classic look!

Jacket Jacket
#1 – Streetwear Society dark caramel brown pleather jacket w/ belt. This jacket doesn’t actually fit on my mannequin, she’s a slightly larger build than I am!

#2 – GAP lilac long sleeved blazer.

Jacket Jacket
#3 – Plum pleather high neck jacket.

#4 – H&M blazer (“H&M” blue I call it!)

Jacket Jacket
#5 – Smart Set navy blue 3/4 sleeve blazer.

#6 – Danier soft pink leather jacket.


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