Max C Studio blouse

This blouse by Max C Studio is a perfect example of a snatch-and-grab item that you find every now and again on your thrifting adventure. You see the fabric as you’re walking by and suddenly have to make a bee-line for it! It doesn’t matter to you what it is you are completely intrigued by the print! Fortunately for me this blouse is absolutely adorable and I adore everything about it.

Max C Studio Max C Studio

I was disheartened however, when I tried it on when I got home (I know its bad but I do not like trying things on at Value Village – the 6 item limit irritates me!) and I could barely fit my arms into the sleeves! This is becoming a problem with how clothing is being made and my typical argument: I don’t have large arms or calves. Being the crafty girl that I am, I was able to open the finishing stitch inside the arms as it would still hold together because of the serged line. Voila!

I love the tucked-in pencil skirt style however like many women, I am sensitive to my stomach area so I feel that it just accentuates where the underwear, pantyhose and skirt meet at my belly button. Too much resting at one area! So I’ve shown the outfit as two different looks, the way I’ll wear it when my stomach becomes more toned (hopefully!) and the way I actually wore it for comfort at the store. In a perfect world I would wear my adorable high wedge heels from Spring – as the buckle just completely finishes the look – however standing on cement all day such a high platform isn’t recommended!


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