Me and Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Dress Costa Blanca Dress

As you know, I am not one for labels or being a slave to a specific store. Typically I would be more likely to go a tangent about the overpricing of labels and designers rather than what I’m about to say. I will admit I was very disheartened to hear that Costa Blanca had closed at the mall in Kingston, not that I ever shopped there physically.

There is a trend, or coincidence in my thrifting adventures when it comes to this brand. I find the most unique pieces in a rack and check the tags – how frequent it has been recently for to be attracted to a Costa Blanca top or dress. I love the fabrics, the styles and the prints… what else can I say? I can’t discuss price because I’ve never purchased anything in store – but thrifting? Lots!

Take today’s dress for instance, a real gem of a thrift find in my opinion. I do not recall where I picked it up as it was several years ago now, but I can only assume it was Value Village or The Revolving Door. At any rate this dress is unlike any I’ve seen – and to my surprise, I’ve never seen anyone wear anything remotely similar dispite it being a popular name brand.

In fact, I now own two dresses of different styles that are this same fabric, purchased at opposite ends of the country and many years apart. That’s how much I like it. The one I wear today has beautiful flow, pulled in at the neckline with adjustable thin straps and wrap around tie belt. The other which I have yet to wear as its that recent an addition – is a bubble style dress gathered at the bottom with elastic to create the billough effect, high neckline again with a side tie at the shoulder. With that dress I would likely pair it with a mini belt so that it has more shape. We shall see!

Such a nice dress, lovely lines and so comfortable. Today’s outfit consists of a bright seagreen cardigan (thrift), my beloved nude Nine West peep toe pumps (also thrift!) and my own jewellery set. Today’s cute detail is in the pantyhose – a pair of sheer, fleshtone tights with gemstones up the backs. Very cute addition to a beautiful outfit.


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