My June Favourites

I haven’t rounded up my monthly favourites in quite a while and I had some nice fun looks to share this month, so here it is my top four June favourites!

This floral beauty is part of a product test and review for Zaful with a few adjustments for comfort. Like most “fast fashion” no name brands overseas, this dress is actually an extra large – fits like a US size 8. I really wanted it because of the long sleeve – I just love the style lately. I have a philosophy that no one should buy things they can’t put on and do up on their own. This dress needed altering in order for me to zip it up with how unforgiving the stitching is. I essentially made the zipper go only half way up my back so I could lift my arms easily. I swapped out the sash that came with it in exchange for my warm brown belt to give it a more bohemian feel.

This gem of an outfit I put together a year ago for one of my jewellery shows. I found all the pieces at different times and they hung in my closet waiting for the right opportunity. I’m often asked if they’re pants, but they’re a skirt with a twist in the front. Kind of MC Hammer-esque. The mini jean jacket (Digital brand) was at Value Village years ago for about $4 I just cut the cuffs off the arms. I thought I could wear it with dresses in the summer but I actually only ended up wearing it with this outfit. I made the necklace to match the morning of the show and I’ve been crushing on the look ever since.

J.Crew… sigh. I just love J.Crew especially their statement necklaces! Every now and again I’ll find an article of clothing however and this dress just screamed my name. I was looking for dresses I could wear on the weekends, that were both comfortable and fun. The first time I wore it out to a family barbecue and it went over really well – just light enough for the heat but offering full coverage. I’m always hesitant when it comes to elastic waistbands, fortunately this one is very minor and helps accent my waist rather than making my hips look huge.

Last but certainly not least my favourite dress from Zaful! I’ll be talking about it in further detail when the review is released so stay tuned! This style is called “mermaid” with soft flare at the bottom. I rarely give long dresses a second glance but something about the shape really had me intrigued. As always, I’m a sucker for bold florals! This dress I ordered a 2XL based on the measurements and it fits more like a US size 10 – for me too big in the upper body. Thankfully I was able to put two darts in the shoulders and take it up about a generous inch which seemed to do the trick! Not only is this dress super flattering on my hour glass figure, but it feels like wearing pajamas.


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