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Lately I have been trying to put a label on the wardrobes of those around me and deciding what their “style” would be. It occurred to me I don’t have a name for mine or taken the time to even sit down to think about my closet in such a way. I’ve never been one to divide my closet and colour palette based on the season or the weather outside. I love my dresses, I’ll wear them in hot sunshine or in blistering winter winds. The difference is typically the footwear and how many layers an outfit requires.

With spring teasing us with its 15 degree sunny afternoons one day, snow flurries the next and nights of minus ten degrees – I find layering the best choice. Cardigans are a staple, as are dark denim jeans. I have both straight leg, boot cut and skinny styles depending on my mood or how the top fits. I still think yoga jeans with no zipper or button are the most ingenious invention!

My Style My Style
My favourite colours at this moment are bright coral/peach and a rich sea green or dark turquoise. I’ve been hooked on the fleshtone/nude colour footwear since the day I saw a pair of stilettos walk by. It makes your leg appear more toned, longer and is extremely flattering with any outfit. No need to gasp at the heels of these bad boys, flats will suffice!

Cardigans are great for all seasons as they are just a thin extra layer to make your arms more flattering and keep you warm. Its an easy way to layer and add dimension to your outfits. I have probably six in total all in different colours, much like my tank tops for underneath my blouses.


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