Neutrals & Denim

denimivorymixTo be perfectly honest, sometimes I just find the outfit to match the jewellery! I have often suggested this to our customers at the Store. They love a necklace but they have no idea what they would wear with it, same goes for a pair of boots. Yes they are a statement, but there is always a ton of different outfits that can match!

This outfit I put together for an evening holiday show I was participating in with my new line of jewellery OOAK. I wore it to a previous show with a royal blue dress and oatmeal coloured blazer – but I didn’t want to repeat in case we had return shoppers. So this style is more casual, but made to look dressy with the belted waist and pumps.

These super comfortable Nine West pumps I snatched up for $10 at Value Village last week just days before this evening show. Its not often I can find the right heel and style! A soft reptile print, peep toe and a two inch heel. Can’t beat it for work!

Now the skirt in this outfit is the fabric from hell: linen. I can’t say enough bad things about it, apparently my mother feels the same. Why they use linen in clothing is beyond me but it looks atrocious if you sit down, or you know, do something human. Believe it or not this was ironed to perfect condition TWICE before this photo was taken. Sadly afterward I had to drive, therefore sit, and a billion wrinkles ensued.

However my necklace was a smashing success!


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