New Years Resolutions

As another year comes to an end we begin to reflect on how the last twelve months have flown by and all the things we did or did not accomplish. Although I did not walk along the shores of PEI, I did feel the sand of Cayo Coco, Cuba warm between my toes and the scorching heat of Cairns, Australia on my face. I am fortunate to have budgeted as well as I did to be able to take these adventures and it certainly shows that the effort can really pay off in the end.

This year I rekindled my passiNYEon for thrifting, ran with it, explored its possibilities and really found a connection to this way of life. Through my experimenting with fashion I was able to communicate in a whole new way, connecting to women on a new level, inspiring and showing how fun clothing can be. Some days it is a struggle, even with a room dedicated to fashion and creativity, I have days where not a single item in my closet looks any good. But its on those days I am reminded through the wonderful comments I receive on Instagram and Facebook, from friends or complete strangers – that what I do is a great motivator for others.

I was asked recently why I do it, and I hmm’d over if it was simply fun for me or a great reference for myself so on those dark days I could clearly see all the outfits that worked well with such simplicity. But the true reason is not so close-minded. A year after beginning my blog and IG accounts, I have received such empowering feedback that I can’t imagine not doing it. It’s not just for me, it’s for everyone. If you need motivation, maybe an idea because you’re feeling lost in a creative rut..

Whatever you take away from my social media outlets, I hope it helps motivate you, inspire you and open your eyes to the wonderful world of thrift.



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