Brights & Stripes

I don’t often seek out inspiration for styling outfits. I tried using Pinterest a handful of times and just felt consumed, overwhelmed and more disorganized than ever. Its a great tool for some but it doesn’t work for all of…

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The Hunt for Shoes

This week I found myself on Payless Shoe Source’s website browsing for my favourite pumps that were on clearance for around $15 a pair. While there are great many things I very rarely buy new, these particular pumps are one…

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Closet Declutter Inspired by KonMari

I’ve been hearing over and over about a new show on Netflix featuring Marie Kondo, the organization and declutter expert but I will admit, I have yet to watch it. Part of me is afraid to watch it, for fear…

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Thrift Love was born from the creative exploration of self proclaimed “Thrift Fashionista”, Pamela Farber of Kingston Ontario. Her passion for the budget savvy lifestyle is not limited to just fashion but home decor and do-it-yourself projects as well. 

It all began with posting daily inspirational outfits on Instagram, followed by a blog for sharing tutorials and fashion tips and tricks. Now she shares humorous musings about everyday life, fashion and the long tedious process of home renovation on her YouTube Channel, created in January of 2016. 



I find over the three years I have been filming videos for my YouTube Channel, the number one most watched, most enjoyed – most commented on videos are thrift hauls just like this one! Come with me as I browse through the local Value Village store to see what treasures can be found!

Let me show you why living the budget savvy lifestyle just may be the best decision you’ll make in 2019!

There is nothing more exciting in our every day world than fashion! My style is an art developed over time.

A huge part of being budget savvy is being able to create and alter items to better suit your body and home.