The Pantyhose Dilemna

greenpinkprintdress I recently intercepted a conversation being had between a woman trying on outfits suitable for her daughter’s wedding and a friend. Each time the woman came out of the changeroom in a new dress they critiqued, hmm’d and haa’d over what was most flattering, what message it gave off and what her conservative daughter would think.

This woman has tried on many outfits in our store over the course of the week. I did not catch the date of the event, but she kept coming back to “do you think my conservative daughter would approve?”

Each look she came out in gave off a different feel: traditional, formal, artsy, trying too hard, too young and a few I thought were damn near close to perfect. The one that spoke to both the friend and I most was the perfect cut, the right colour, a blend between modern and conservative – and fit her unbelievably well. That is, until she said “it’ll look better with panty hose.”

Although I couldn’t see the friend from my office, I looked up to see her face disheartened as the friend said “the kids don’t wear pantyhose, its so passé.” I had only spoken once during their entire fashion show when the dress was truly beautiful – but I thought – wait just one minute.

I am 29, to these women I was one of the “kids” they referred to for style advice. I walked out from behind the counter and stood clearly in the doorway as the woman looked to me for advice. I said “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I would just like to say pantyhose are certainly not passé, in fact, I’m wearing a nude pair right now. There’s nothing that can make your legs look more flattering.”

pantyhose The friend instantly went quiet and the woman smiled and said, “I agree I think I’d be far more comfortable with hose.” I agree and disagree with her friend. Yes “the kids” if we refer to the 19 year olds at the bar, do not wear panty hose. But there is a huge difference between those 19 year olds and the 29 year olds that are at the same location, both wearing dresses, but one has nude hosiery and the other does not: class.

In my opinion, it is far more classy for dressed up events to wear a nude hose, heck I wear them all winter long for that extra layer. Any scratches, bruises or bumps are masked by this thin layer of sheer fabric. It acts like foundation for your legs.

On the other hand, we all know panty hose is a nightmare that falls down non-stop and drives women mental. However, if you want a tasteful, classy look – nude hose – definitely the way to go.


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