Pinstripes & Bell Sleeves

The 70’s bell sleeve, a recent trend that has come back around that at first I thought: are you kidding me? Much like bell bottoms I think wow too much fabric and am I going to trip over myself? But like all fads that make the great circle around and back again, this one I also believe has its good versions and bad. Huge sleeve – not useful. Huge sleeve that is puckered and styled – more daily routine friendly.

When I was visiting The Revolving Door on the weekend I was sifting through the tops and this one popped out at me. I can’t even explain why as its unlike anything I have in my closet. I have always liked the look of light blue and white pinstripe, but very rarely own items with it. I have an oversized linen shirt that I thrifted recently that I love to wear on the weekend to keep cool – but its hardly something I would wear to work. This particular shirt it was more the styling. These massive bell sleeves! I thought what the heck, tried it on and immediately knew it was coming home with me. Not only did the shirt have a bit of stretch but it went beautifully over my shoulders and arms unlike most long sleeved items I try lately.

It’s made by Urban Heritage, in the $30 range brand new with tags, I paid $15. I was also looking for the perfect top to wear with a mid length white skirt I found recently too – it was the ultimate match! Although I won’t lie, for me to wear the shirt it needed alterations. I suspect how long it was would have been great if I was someone that wore leggings, but with my curves – best to stay clear of those! Instead of the long shirt hanging over my bum, I hemmed the back straight across so it would rest on my bum rather than under it. In the front I made a tie for a more fun casual look. Pairing the look with a bold Stella & Dot necklace.


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