Questionable Pricing

Pottery $29.99After tonight’s thrifting adventure, I would like to once again address the most popular rant of the typical shopper: the price. As I was making my way around to the front of the store headed toward the cash, I happened to glance over my shoulder and noticed something familiar. I had donated some items the week before as I was de-cluttering my living room space, I decided I didn’t need so many trinkets and pieces of cheap pottery when I had perfectly good local artist pieces on display.

This piece of pottery is meant to have two pieces, the top which they had featured on the shelf and then a base for it to sit in. I imagine it was meant for a candle – though I didn’t use it for this purpose. So thought number one: it’s missing its base (which I did donate at the same time); thought number two: HOLY MACKEREL $29.99?!!

Considering this was no gem of an item, I stopped dead in my tracks. On a regular day, I would gasp at this price – even if it was a handcrafted item. In a secondhand store you should not see this price unless its a large piece of furniture or maybe a coat. This item I bought about three years ago when I got my first Kingston apartment. I paid $2.99.

$2.99! For the same set that they’ve chosen to sell separately for an outrageous price! Again my confusion over Value Village’s pricing was brought to light. A follower on my instagram account suggested I bring that to an employee’s attention, but I can’t imagine they would care as they always insist things can’t be sold without a price and are pretty firm on prices unless they have a duplicate item priced differently.

Bracelet $1.99Cat Bangle $5.99
I rounded the corner towards the cashier’s row and stopped by the bracelet rack. I look at these racks less and less as their prices on jewellery are climbing much like clothing and housewares. I found a painted wood bangle with a cat face – of all the silly things I’ve seen I can think of a ton of people in my life that would adore it either for a tacky reason or their insane love of cats. Such a simple piece was priced at $5.99. Also on the rack an elastic, interwoven wood bead bracelet for only $1.99. From a design perspective, the second bracelet would have taken hours to create! For me it wouldn’t even be worth all the effort!

I decided to do a bit of research as to the guidelines Value Village uses for pricing their items, but I came up empty. I did however find a million and one complaint comments and blogs discussing the cost increase and quality decrease.

One time, I saw two elderly women fighting over a gilded frame, black velvet and backlit picture of Jesus. True story.

I got a good chuckle out of this particular blog post by an ex-Value Village employee, read it at


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  1. The very first time I was in a Value Village store was the one they built in Peterborough Ontario Canada a few years ago.
    I had heard that they were a cheap store to shop in .I went to the Men’s pants section Low & behold there were about 10 pairs of men’s jeans that had been donated by Walmart size 38 to 40
    My size is 38 so I thought I hit the jackpot
    Why even the Wal-Mart price tag was still on them Wal-Mart price $9.99 Value Village price $22.00 YES $22.00 They didn’t even hide the Wal-Mart tags I found a manager pointed out that Wal-Mart was selling them brand new at $9.99 ( the $9.99 was NOT SALE price but regular price for these blue jeans )The manager looked at all the jeans ripped off the $9.99 price tags and said there we go Thank You for your help I was astounded I said you cannot do that these blue jeans are only $9.99 BRAND NEW & you now want over twice what the new price was All she said was That’s Correct Thank You for your help .I told her that was down right Thievery You cannot price them higher than brand new .She said why not some one will buy them I just shook my head and walked out

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