Rockin’ 30

To celebrate my 30th birthday I decided to book a reservation at a classy restaurant and invite my closest girlfriends. What a night! The girls spoiled me with wonderful cards and plenty of wine! Did I mention the Value Village gift certificates?? They know me so well.

For this fabulous evening I went a little dressy, but not too much! I wore this super comfortable magenta dress, jean jacket and my multi strand necklace from the Shopping Channel. No I didn’t buy it from SC, I just looked it up out of curiosity!

People have asked me if I feel different now that I’ve hit the dirty thirties and truth is, yes I do. I feel a million times better than I did at 29 a year ago. I feel in control of my life, I feel fashion forward, I feel like a girl that has her life on track and can provide a great life for herself without help. Thrifting plays a huge part in this as you’ll see when my post comes out with my challenge totals at the end of the month.magentadress

With a solid budget and understanding of what is most important, I am able to be that single girl that has her act together. Yes on that note, I am now intimidating for guys to approach, but if they’re afraid of girl that is “doing it for herself” then he’s not what I want to begin with!

My 30th was one I will never forget and yes, I felt like a million bucks.


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