Silkscreen Feathers

Silkscreen Feathers Grey Silkscreen Feathers

Today’s outfit is a first for me and I can’t even describe in words how much I love it. I feel like a million bucks. There is not a thing that didn’t work when I threw it on this morning – it was actually the second outfit of the morning!

I found this top at Value Village about a year ago – the sales girls were gushing over it when I brought it to the counter… luckily I was the Cinderella that it fit! I was never sure how to wear it, so this is actually the first time in how many months that I’ve worn it! I’m a huge activist for not keeping things you don’t wear, but unique pieces like this, I was going to hang onto until that glorious day (today!) that I figured it out.

Paired with skinny jeans from the half price sale on Sunday – a little grey cardigan, purple pointed toe pumps and jazzed up with my handmade jewellery in purple. I made the set to go with a purple dress I was wearing to my cousin’s wedding in September, but with the unique combination of beads it works well with a variety of other outfits too!


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