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Feminine Details

American Eagle Crochet DressI had tickets to see Royal Wood in concert in Belleville Friday night. I took my mother as my date and as the thrifty woman she is, suggested we pop into Value Village since we were early anyway. I found two pairs of vibrant flats by H&M that I hmm’d and haaa’d over but couldn’t bring myself to pay $6.99 a pair when I wasn’t 100% sure I would wear those particular colours. I did luck out however in this beautiful crochet style dress by American Eagle Outfitters. I was even more impressed when I tried it on the next day for work and I can honestly say it is now one of the most comfortable, feminine and all around beautiful dresses I own. Continue Reading


Blackbird Dress This morning was one of those rotten moments when you are upset with yourself, your body isn’t right and none of your clothing seems to fit the way you envision it. Being a visual girl, its exceptionally frustrating when I can see the look I want, but am unable to achieve it either because of the way it is fitting or maybe I’m missing one key accessory or clothing to work with the outfit. After several “failed” outfits I grabbed this beautiful dress out of the closet because I knew it was comfortable and easy to match due to its limited colour palette.

Not as vibrant as I like to be normally but based on the rough morning I was having I thought this was the safest bet. This is the first time I’ve worn the dress too! Paired with a black cardigan and matching tan belt, the look came together quite easy. The only downfall I experienced was the length of the dress due to my long body. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing an issue with things being too short more and more recently. Lucky for me, I am somewhat skilled with a sewing machine, needle and thread so I can adjust items as I see fit.

Next time I wear this outfit you’ll see the most recent adjustments I have made to make it longer!

Max C Studio blouse

This blouse by Max C Studio is a perfect example of a snatch-and-grab item that you find every now and again on your thrifting adventure. You see the fabric as you’re walking by and suddenly have to make a bee-line for it! It doesn’t matter to you what it is you are completely intrigued by the print! Fortunately for me this blouse is absolutely adorable and I adore everything about it.

Max C Studio Max C Studio

I was disheartened however, when I tried it on when I got home (I know its bad but I do not like trying things on at Value Village – the 6 item limit irritates me!) and I could barely fit my arms into the sleeves! This is becoming a problem with how clothing is being made and my typical argument: I don’t have large arms or calves. Being the crafty girl that I am, I was able to open the finishing stitch inside the arms as it would still hold together because of the serged line. Voila!

I love the tucked-in pencil skirt style however like many women, I am sensitive to my stomach area so I feel that it just accentuates where the underwear, pantyhose and skirt meet at my belly button. Too much resting at one area! So I’ve shown the outfit as two different looks, the way I’ll wear it when my stomach becomes more toned (hopefully!) and the way I actually wore it for comfort at the store. In a perfect world I would wear my adorable high wedge heels from Spring – as the buckle just completely finishes the look – however standing on cement all day such a high platform isn’t recommended!

Wednesday Thrifting!

For me there is no better way to unwind and relax after work than sifting through racks at a thrift store. Fortunately for me the Value Village is on my route home! Tonight I stopped in and whisked lightly through my favourite sections: dresses, blouses, skirts and shoes. I managed to find some super cute prints in my rummaging at pretty decent prices – especially at 30% off with my full stamp card!

I had great success in finding a pair of brand new fleshtone/nude pumps from Aldo in my size. I typically wear flats all day at work, which by the end of the day offer no heel support what-so-ever. The first thing I thought when I slipped my foot in was: “My gosh, these are actually more comfortable than the flats I’m wearing!”

Max LondonWhite lace skirt

1. Sheer bird print blouse by Max London
2. White lace skirt by Streetwear Society

H&M SkirtStreetwear Society

3. Navy blue bow print skirt by H&M
4. Deep coral poka dot waterfall skirt by Streetwear Society.

Aldo Pumps

5. Nude pumps by Aldo