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Change Room Etiquette

20140310-210326.jpgAllow me to address an issue I have working in retail: Who leaves a change room like this?

I took these photos in a very loud manner and made sure I collected all of the items and dumped them on the counter next to the customer’s purchases. I am normally quite calmly composed and smile as much as a customer may bother me. But this state left me in complete shock and I wanted her to feel ashamed.

As a thrift shopper myself, I know the drill with change rooms. No matter what store I’m in, I end up tidying up items that are falling off hangers as I go along browsing. When I use a change room I always put the items back on the hangers as I found them – save for bras at Walmart! I do my best to leave my unwanted items neatly back on the returns rack, not in the change room or on the floor, save for those pesky bras I hand them to the attendants directly. Continue Reading