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Dress For The Job You Want

InterviewOver the past month I have been doing a lot of interviews to fill a part time position at the store. I am very disheartened in how the public simply does not care about how they present themselves. I am saying this in the most broad sense of the phrase. People in general do not care about anything, things in life have less value. We raise our children to be strong, stand up to bullies – by not caring. To wear whatever we chose – by not caring. To use our right to free speech – by not caring.

As a population, young and old, we no longer care about anything. I could go on for days discussing the social fall of humanity, point fingers at television or bad parenting, or simply blame those with more money than I do for not being fair. In this case, women of any age delivering resumes both hand written and typed into the store as has been the norm for generations, but in yoga pants. They show up looking like they rolled out of bed, as if they didn’t mean to go out in public they were simply doing their laundry at home… Continue Reading