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Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch

Lug Skipper Shoulder PouchEvery now and again I find something that stands out, not because it appeals to me but because its either in mint condition, has new price tags still on it or the price is outrageous. This particular find on Value Village’s half price day really threw me for a loop. First it was the colour, bright orange. Second, the original Lug price tag is still hanging on it. Third, we receive a huge collection of this same item (along with the tote bag, wallet, passport organizer, yoga bag, etc) into The Revolving Door one day.


This bag is actually found in stores right now as the “Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch”, retailing for a minimum of $30 Canadian. Their price tag on it was $9.99 at VV. Only $5 on half price day. Talk about a steal of a deal. Walking to the cashier, I notice a wall of other purses and decide to peruse before I check out. I didn’t understand why these were separated from the rest. As it would happen, I learned very quickly these pieces had a very high price tag.

I pawed through a few that looked nice, a few that looked strange even ugly in fact. All above $20 and I couldn’t understand why as I didn’t recognize half of the labels. Maybe that’s partially because labels mean absolutely nothing to me at all but I came across one that I could see being both cute and ugly at the same time. It was not a label I had ever heard of, brown trim and a robin’s egg blue – could have accessorized it nicely. My jaw dropped when I flipped over the price tag, $79.99. Value Village’s price was basically $80 for a second hand bag that I couldn’t decide if it was ugly or not.

Needless to say I have never looked at anything on that wall again.

Me and Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Dress Costa Blanca Dress

As you know, I am not one for labels or being a slave to a specific store. Typically I would be more likely to go a tangent about the overpricing of labels and designers rather than what I’m about to say. I will admit I was very disheartened to hear that Costa Blanca had closed at the mall in Kingston, not that I ever shopped there physically.

There is a trend, or coincidence in my thrifting adventures when it comes to this brand. I find the most unique pieces in a rack and check the tags – how frequent it has been recently for to be attracted to a Costa Blanca top or dress. I love the fabrics, the styles and the prints… what else can I say? I can’t discuss price because I’ve never purchased anything in store – but thrifting? Lots!

Take today’s dress for instance, a real gem of a thrift find in my opinion. I do not recall where I picked it up as it was several years ago now, but I can only assume it was Value Village or The Revolving Door. At any rate this dress is unlike any I’ve seen – and to my surprise, I’ve never seen anyone wear anything remotely similar dispite it being a popular name brand.

In fact, I now own two dresses of different styles that are this same fabric, purchased at opposite ends of the country and many years apart. That’s how much I like it. The one I wear today has beautiful flow, pulled in at the neckline with adjustable thin straps and wrap around tie belt. The other which I have yet to wear as its that recent an addition – is a bubble style dress gathered at the bottom with elastic to create the billough effect, high neckline again with a side tie at the shoulder. With that dress I would likely pair it with a mini belt so that it has more shape. We shall see!

Such a nice dress, lovely lines and so comfortable. Today’s outfit consists of a bright seagreen cardigan (thrift), my beloved nude Nine West peep toe pumps (also thrift!) and my own jewellery set. Today’s cute detail is in the pantyhose – a pair of sheer, fleshtone tights with gemstones up the backs. Very cute addition to a beautiful outfit.