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Ottawa Thrifting – Round 2!

I spent my Sunday up in Ottawa once again checking out what a few Value Village stores had to offer before heading to a concert in Burnstown. It was rather successful if I do say so! I found a super cute vintage dress I plan to alter and a few vibrant skirts!

H&M SkirtOrange Splatter Dress

1. Purple and pink floral skirt by H&M
2. Orange and blue splatter print top, no label

Vintage Dress Urban Behaviour

3. Vintage dress by Quintieri
4. Brown and gold sparkle knit sweater by Urban Behaviour

George Beechers Brook Skirt

5. Orange blouse by George
6. Floral pencil skirt by Beecher’s Brook

Thrifting in Ottawa

On Saturday I had the morning to myself for thrifting at new Value Village locations on route. My first stop was a fantastic one located in Nepean on Clyde Avenue. I thoroughly enjoyed this location as the product was in great supply and quite unique. They had quite a few brands such as Forever 21 that have a more one of a kind feel to them.

I then went to a Value Village located on Bank Street. This one was smaller than the first, a little more sloppy. Much like the shop I frequented in Calgary, this store required more employees or a regular maintainer crew as there appeared to be almost as much on the floor as there was hanging. No luck with shoes or dresses but I did find a couple neat pieces.

I had time for one more location, this one near the Saint Laurent mall. Again not as satisfying as the first although I did snag a super cute skirt and peach blouse. This parking lot irritated me before I got into the building. I sat for ten minutes in my car unable to move due to the old man parked beside me. He took so long to unload his bag into his back seat (propping his door open against my drivers side mirror). I waited hoping he would finally finish so I could open my door. At long last he opened his drivers door, at this point still oblivious that I was trapped in my car. You had to know it took him just as long to sit in his car to adjust himself in his chair before even considering shutting his door. Finally I lept out of my door and was inside the building before his engine turned over!

“Since this is such a serious case of old…” – Futurama

I did find some unique pieces over the course of the morning including a cream knit Ecote top, a Valia mini skirt and a pair of nude sparkle flats! I was a bit disheartened thinking about the price difference between Kingston and the big city. As the cashier rang in my purchases I was blown away by the huge bag and small amount owing = great deals plus a 30% off coupon!