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noshopseptember “Although I have been practicing being very brutal with myself, thinking over items for considerable time before making a decision: Will I wear this? Is it worth the price? Will it go with what I already own? How unique is it? Asking ourselves questions like this any time we are shopping is a great way to make your budget that much easier.”

I snatch up that passage from a reflection on last year’s #NoShopSeptember. I am already trying to keep up every month with my thrift challenge but there are two months of the year that drive me mental every year: September and October. Its quite simple really, the only thrift store I go to is Value Village, mainly because the others are not open when I am available to shop. Now Value Village switches to offering new product during this period for Halloween and it completely takes over the store.

For someone that enjoys discovering treasures, its more frustrating than anything to be sorting through sparkly skulls and cheap garbage in search of those unique finds. Last year I tried to not go thrifting at all for the entire month of September, this included purchasing items at the Store which is next to impossible when you see every item come in through the door! However, I stand by my usual rules and do my best to decide if its really “me” or if it can stay behind for someone else to discover.

Unlike other “No Shop” challenges, mine basically has no need for a listing of rules as I do not subscribe to store mailing lists (to be tempted by sales days) and I don’t feel setting a maximum budget for each month really applies when you are trying to not shop at all! Here’s hoping I have some success!!

No Shop September

In being active on Instagram, I came across a girl promoting No Shop September. I did some googling but didn’t find all that much so I gather its a relatively new idea that isn’t overly popular. But it is actually quite a brilliant idea, to challenge yourself and be satisfied with what you already have in your closet. This isn’t to say you can’t buy anything at all as that’s really hard for those of us that thrift as a form of relaxation and de-stress!

In my search for more information on this challenge I came across this blog post by Amber at Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss. The concept fascinates me and as I prepare for a trip to Australia next month, I thought this would be an excellent time to try my luck! I like the idea of shopping in your closet. I do rotate my closet a lot, what I’m not wearing I recycle whether it be through consignment or donation. The pieces I really like I keep and wear. But I am fully capable of letting go of things I just like the idea of, but really don’t suit me.

But this idea doesn’t have to be September only, but pick a month and see how long you can go without being tempted by things you don’t need!