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Thrift Store Fashionista: How to Dress Yourself in Hard Times

Article by Brigitte Pittsa

You’ve called yourself the “one and only” fashionista or several variations on that phrase. Every Saturday, your friends didn’t call you because they knew that you would be doing your weekly shopping crawl among your favorite stores and boutiques. Before this flipping recession started, things were pretty darn awesome for you and your closet. Now that both times and your budget have changed, your shopping habits should probably change right along with them.

You may know people who get great items from their thrift store expeditions, but you’ve shied away from your neighborhood establishment in the past. You might have thought they were musty places where tunnel people and those who want to look like them shop. Those times are no more. Here’s how to add to your already stylish wardrobe and not look like the latest unfortunate victim of that flipping recession you’re tired of hearing about all the time.

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The Post

The Post The Post

Today was a new thrift shopping adventure instigated by my new friend and coworker, Morgan. She asked if I liked “thrift” to which I laughed, and told me about a place called “The Post” downtown Medicine Hat that we could go to. To be perfectly honest I had driven by it a few times on route to other places but automatically assumed that was the name of their local newspaper. Evidently not!

Who knew I was missing out on another thrifting possibility! It was much like the old Goodwill, felt like a basement dwelling, lots of old fixtures and outdated clothing. I expected the prices to reflect the atmosphere, but when I started sifting through silk scarves (on my checklist for my mother) I saw the price tag was $6! Value Village is about $1.50 to $3.00 max. I did find one handbag that was only $2 which I thought was adorable.

It had a large furniture section which was disheartening as I had been searching for furniture when I first arrived with not much luck – thankfully there wasn’t anything that appealed to me. My bank account was saved!