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Premade Rips & Clearance Racks

Thrifting at The Post
I have no idea how I missed posting this Daily Dig as I felt like a million bucks in it. The day I put this outfit together I was heading off to meet a friend for tea and thrifting at The Post, a new location to add to my shopping adventures. The weather was mild but chilly enough to still require a jacket.

Because it was Saturday, I finally opened one of the large boxes Mom had shipped to me full of my clothes that I had set aside as a “ship to me later”. Inside was this khaki green blazer I had found a very long time ago that I wore a lot a few years ago – then it sat lonely in my closet for a few in between and now its back in regular use. Funny how that works! So the jacket compliments the Kismet scarf perfectly making the look a little more vintage chic.

I have always shunned the “premade” ripped jeans look, in fact I’ve made a point of always wearing clothing that is in perfect condition. But I was losing weight and found myself tired of yanking up my jeans day in and day out. I dragged myself to the mall, got very lost inside its walls looking for a deal, a clearance rack… anything that was not going to break my bank. After many failed attempts, a lot of mirror-less changerooms later, I stumbled upon Garage. I’m not particularly a fan but I thought I should at least try while in the mood. Not even the “mood”, just determined to find something I could fit into.

I tried many pairs of skinny leg pants in bright colours, pastels – regular blue denim with very little luck. Finally I decided on these that were on clearance for $10. A lot of stretch; not too skinny; light blue denim and I would convert my long-standing anti-rip mentality to acceptance. As it would happen they are a very modern, almost edgy addition to this outfit. Paired with clean white flats that buckle at the ankle and my off the shoulder sequin sparkle sweater.

The Post

The Post The Post

Today was a new thrift shopping adventure instigated by my new friend and coworker, Morgan. She asked if I liked “thrift” to which I laughed, and told me about a place called “The Post” downtown Medicine Hat that we could go to. To be perfectly honest I had driven by it a few times on route to other places but automatically assumed that was the name of their local newspaper. Evidently not!

Who knew I was missing out on another thrifting possibility! It was much like the old Goodwill, felt like a basement dwelling, lots of old fixtures and outdated clothing. I expected the prices to reflect the atmosphere, but when I started sifting through silk scarves (on my checklist for my mother) I saw the price tag was $6! Value Village is about $1.50 to $3.00 max. I did find one handbag that was only $2 which I thought was adorable.

It had a large furniture section which was disheartening as I had been searching for furniture when I first arrived with not much luck – thankfully there wasn’t anything that appealed to me. My bank account was saved!