The 2015 Thrift Challenge

As discussed in my post regarding Patrice’s Thrifty Threads 365 challenge, I would like to begin one of my own. In her version, she has a monthly budget of $50 and can only shop thrift for the year. Now where we differ is that I don’t ever shop in retail stores so compared to most fashionistas I’m already one up. I can only imagine that most of my would-be savings goes into thrift as I use it as a form of relaxation and therapy (shop therapy!) – which is also the opposite of Patrice.

I thought for my “challenge” I would set the parameters a little differently to suit my lifestyle and interests. Outlined as follows:

1. Limit store visits. Up until now I would go thrifting several times a week, sometimes finding things I had to have – sometimes nothing at all. If you go too often you will keep seeing the same things but if you wait a few days there will be some exciting new treasures. My goal this year is to only thrift by myself on Thursdays (Thrifty Thursday!) but I’m not restricting that to not going if someone else asks me to join them.

2. $80 per month limit. As this is my first challenge I’m not totally sure what goal to set for my limit. $50 is plenty if you are only planning to go once a month, but I feel that by going weekly (and not being limited to clothing) a higher budget might be in order. My goal will be to spend less each month.

3. Report money earned back. I do have it easy in this respect as I work at a consignment store and have the ability to earn back some of the money spent by consigning my unwanted clothing in the store. On the other hand, there is greater temptation in my career because I am presented with fabulous items regularly. I would like to keep a monthly record of income generated from rotating my closet.

You can follow my challenge posts on Instagram with the hashtag: #thriftlovechallenge

Let’s make this a great year of smart thrift and strong budgeting!



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