The Colour Black

Most of you have probably figured out that I’m not a fan of the colour black. I know watch out for the rage dump! Truth is, I love colour. I feel on top of the world when I put on a hot pink dress or anything with pattern and sparkle! When I put on black I feel _________. Do we want to feel blah? No no we don’t. We want to feel empowered, confident and like we are fabulous even on a bad day. For me, my bad days are more often than not started by the wrong outfit. The go-to colour for 99% of the female population is black because its slimming, it hides all manner of sins and is deemed “professional”. I enjoy challenging this natural flow of style in America – there is so much more life to experience than just a plain black dress!

Granted, I think it can look beautiful on so many people and if that’s the only colour (or in my opinion, lack of colour) in your wardrobe, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’ve tried many times, I’ve given it days and days… I use it simply as a balance tool, a compliment. Solid black skirt with a vibrant patterned blouse; a simple camisole under another colour; footwear to tie it all together. There are many ways I use the colour, but only in small doses. My boyfriend asked me as I was editing this video if it was okay if he wore black. In no way am I saying that black isn’t great. It just isn’t great for me and my positivity. I can appreciate it and even like it a lot on others. My point is that my enthusiasm is lowered, my overall aura is blah and my outlook on the day will be less positive the more black that I wear.

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