The Lucian Matis Dress

Let me tell you about a dress. Not just any dress, a Lucian Matis floral. I purchased this dress at The Revolving Door consignment store several years ago. The dress was brand new, had the tags still hanging on it. I took once glance and knew it had to come home with me. From that day onward, I realized that it is my style – completely my fit, flattering and above all, comfortable.

At the time the only thing I didn’t like was the length, it came awkwardly below the knee which I felt made me look shorter. As the years pass and the length becomes more and more common, I realize that it is still flattering at the longer length (so I have since taken out the hem I added). It stretches, it hugs only the best curves and the rouching in the front hides all manner of sins. About 6 months ago or so I was sifting through the dress racks at Talize and discovered the exact same dress. Without pausing for thought I threw it into my cart. You know that impulsive grab that you don’t have to question.

I imagine originally the woman purchased it from Chris James as they appear to be the only retailer in this area that carries the brand. Now to see a second one, I couldn’t resist. Although there was nothing wrong with the one I had purchased originally, I couldn’t pass up this same designer dress (in the vicinity of $695) for under $20. Why own two? That’s simple: just in case!


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