The Post

The Post The Post

Today was a new thrift shopping adventure instigated by my new friend and coworker, Morgan. She asked if I liked “thrift” to which I laughed, and told me about a place called “The Post” downtown Medicine Hat that we could go to. To be perfectly honest I had driven by it a few times on route to other places but automatically assumed that was the name of their local newspaper. Evidently not!

Who knew I was missing out on another thrifting possibility! It was much like the old Goodwill, felt like a basement dwelling, lots of old fixtures and outdated clothing. I expected the prices to reflect the atmosphere, but when I started sifting through silk scarves (on my checklist for my mother) I saw the price tag was $6! Value Village is about $1.50 to $3.00 max. I did find one handbag that was only $2 which I thought was adorable.

It had a large furniture section which was disheartening as I had been searching for furniture when I first arrived with not much luck – thankfully there wasn’t anything that appealed to me. My bank account was saved!


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