The “Wow” Factor

St. Patrick's DayMy not-so-impressive outfit today scored me a prize for St. Patrick’s Day at the office! Who knew! Honestly on my drive to work this morning I seriously debated even posting today’s attire as its so unimpressive. Just going for a lot of green and simple. I picked up this emerald green top at Value Village last night so I’d have something casual to wear (I had contemplated wearing my emerald green dress from H&M but its a bit formal). It’s quite big on me but I have every intention on stitching it up into a more exciting top one of these evenings! Can’t get passed the colour – I just love it!

The other reason for this post is to talk about what we leave behind. Last night at Value Village I tried on about five small jackets (mock leather) in a variety of colours for no real reason. I have been searching for a brown leather jacket that’s lighter weight than the one I wear outside in chilly weather. Ideally my closet will have a short leather (or leather look) jacket in every colour!! At present I have a black, a baby pink and as of last night – a brown. The jacket I ended up snagging is a dark brown crop, pleather mind you – from Garage. Nothing to shout about but I thought it was very cute and just what I had been looking for. I also tried this warmer brown jacket on (see photo). I left it behind. It cost $3.99. I held it in my hands for some time, flip flopping and reasoning with my conscience. Why buy something that isn’t quite right just because its the right price?

JacketSome things we just can’t pass up, but others if there is something that doesn’t instantly speak to us – why do we sit there debating? Why waste your time if it isn’t wow?! The “wow” factor as I like to call it. So often in retail we have customers approach us asking our opinion. Consider that in itself. You have a large mirror in front of you (if you’re at the Revolving Door!) and no one telling you to lose a few pounds or that its too big. No one to gawk at the size on the label. No one to nag and pick at you as you twirl around on this imaginary pedestal we put ourselves on. When shopping with friends, make sure you know whom you’re bringing with you. Don’t bring a friend because she’s brutally honest, bring her because she understands you.

I recall a day at the store when a customer tried on a pair of pants, standing in front of the public mirror tugging at the bum area. She looked to my mother and asked if they looked alright. The Revolving Door is known for its brutal honesty, we aren’t going to sell you something that looks bad as you’re going to go home feeling less than par. My mother’s response was that they actually looked too tight in the behind, especially based on how she was pulling at that area. She didn’t seem convinced that my mother was right. She then turned to my friend who also worked at the store and asked her opinion. “If anything they’re too big!” she said. It is a perfect example of the varying tastes of women and personal preference. A woman over fifty years of age tends to avoid tight fitting fabrics and style, whereas the twenty-something generation grew up with tight fitting clothing and spandex.

I left the jacket on the rack because it was too short. It was a beautiful style, but it looked large and unattractive if left unzipped. I adored the puckered shoulders and high neckline, even the colour was delicious! But thanks to the sensible Pamela on my right shoulder, I hung it back up to leave for a younger thrifter or someone much shorter than me.


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