Thrifting Jewellery

As I plan out my next YouTube video about fixing jewellery, it gets me to thinking about my own jewellery collection. This morning I was opening Talize bags all wrapped up tightly with recent jewellery finds. I started pulling out pieces I bought for taking apart for beads, another few for fixing then a few that are fine as is. Looking at my wall its certainly not hard to see that I have a thing for jewellery!

My style changes though, it has gone from non existent to small chains with a fake diamond pendant to the most recent statement necklaces. Some people think jewellery is a phase, which I suppose is true. Some years its silver, other years its gold… even rose gold (my personal favourite!) I’ve been wearing statement pieces for a few years now and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. I feel like it just finishes every outfit like a scarf!

However not every necklace I find is perfect, more often than not they need adjustments. This can be in the form of manually altering the necklace with my pliers and jewellery making supplies or it can be as simple as adding an extender chain to make it longer. I’ve had people say that’s too much work. It just means I care about things like that! I want to take the time to make it right with the outfit and for me, after almost 20 years of experience, fixing a piece of jewellery is a quick task.

I don’t have an attachment to 90% of the jewellery I own. I have a large tray of earrings I wear to match necklaces or specific outfits, some that I haven’t worn. I have no problem clearing out my stash to make room for new items. The pieces I have are not expensive and they are easy to turn around and sell because I’m not asking piles of money. The most expensive pieces I have are only from a retail store perspective, such as the J. Crew statement necklaces that are in the $60-70 range… or the Stella & Dot ones that are over $100… regardless I paid less than $10! That’s the beauty of thrift, its not about the original cost for me its about the look.


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