Thursday Thrifting

Hurray for Thrifty Thursday! I had two full 30% off cards in my wallet so I popped into Value Village after work to see if there were any good deals to be had. I ended up doing a very thorough sweep of all the “important” racks and a second pass through the blouse rack to check on specifics I had remembered to look for.

I even took a large load of items to the changeroom, as you know, I do not often do. And all but one of the dresses were too small. Curiously deceiving but just as well.

SWS Skirt H&M Dress

1. Lace skirt by Streetwear Society
2. Beautiful cream dress with belt by H&M

George Sweater Forever 21 Blouse

3. Sweater top by George
4. Black and white key print blouse by Forever 21


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