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People often say to me “wow you must have a huge closet!” well there are a few ways to respond to this. Yes and no. I live alone and have a two bedroom home so therefore I have a master bedroom that can be better used to make my life easier. Complete with sewing station, garment rack, makeup desk and storage.

My closet was reconstructed by my father as it was not useable in the state it was in. The bar was located deep into the back of the closet, one shelf above the bar that was installed too close to the bar, so I wouldn’t be able to hang any clothing on it as is. My father lowered the bar in the back and installed a second one at the front of the closet – easily enough space in this deep closet for two rows of clothing.

I use the back row for off season so currently it has my summer tops and dresses, as well as my vacation clothing. The front is what I use most frequently. Yes there’s also the garment rack, and this is because it was offered to me so I wanted to make use of it to keep myself organized. It actually fills the empty space in the room as well as giving me a place to sort my ready-to-go business outfits for mornings when I must be up and out the door before 6:30am.

As I say in the video this home is exceptionally old (close to 100 years old according to my landlord, at least a good 75) and was not built with decent lighting or shelving of any sort. All storage would have to be created using thrifted cabinets, bookcases and desks. It makes for a lot of furniture and a cozy atmosphere.

The white sewing station is clearly a computer desk that I paid about $10 for at Value Village. The white cubby unit sitting on top cost about the same amount and is useful for a great many things as the sections are able to move around in it depending on what you need it for. This desk also comes with a hidden light underneath the hood.

The wood desk was a $20 investment at Value Village before the discovery of the white one – which I use for my makeup and hair area. After the first year of owning it I was tired of looking at all the marks and stains from previous owners on the top so when I had a can of white deck paint out for touch ups I thought I’d give it a nice coat. I must say it really changed the look and I quite like it!

Off to the left side of the desk my father has fashioned a mini salon holder made out of wood, cup holder sized cutouts to hold my blow dryer, curling iron, hair brush and straightener respectively with small cutouts for the wires to hang down. I was finding it a real pain to have all the wires constantly tangled and having to wrap them up to put away each time when I use them quite regularly. If I only used them once in a while wrapping them up and storing them in a box would be no problem. Another issue was waiting for the irons to cool before putting them away. Naturally leaving them on the desk until the next day, so you would walk in and see this messy desk from cords everywhere. This great little invention has been a life saver!


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