Vlog: Value Village Half Price Day Thrift Haul

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I consider this thrifting trip to be quite successful however as always some things are better left on the hanger or for another body shape. I was excited for a couple pieces that I do not feel were all that flattering which is completely okay, you don’t have to win them all! I styled up a select few pieces from this haul quickly to show them off but I’ve gone into more detail below as to which are yay’s or nay’s!

The Yay’s
Taupe Joe Fresh Skirt ($3.50)
Blush Forever 21 Dress ($6.50)
Pink Dynamite Blazer ($5.00)
Ivory Calvin Klein blouse ($4.50)
Peach Forever 21 top ($3.00)
Grey Emma & Michelle dress ($10.00)
Turquoise Forever 21 dress ($3.00)
Coral Forever 21 skirt ($5.00)

The Nay’s
Purple Forever 21 peplum top ($3.50)

    I felt this one was unsuccessful because I forget that the peplum style doesn’t flatter my hourglass figure at all. It just makes my hips wider and I do not feel it adds anything to my look.

Peach Smart Set top ($3.50)

    This top actually surprised me as it looked pretty basic on the hanger however it has a very awkward shape when you put it on. It is very wide in the shoulder creating almost a bat sleeve effect (wide under the arm pit) for no real discernible reason.

Emerald Fun & Flirt dress ($5.00)

    I was not too sure if this would fit as it is a cheap factory brand that tends to work in Asian sizing rather than American – and “medium” is used loosely… Sure enough I could get by in it at my current size but like most brands like this the arms are made for children. I’m not suggesting my arms are huge, but you’ll notice a lot of brands are making smaller arms – not good!

I will admit after finding great light weight dresses I’m anxious for winter to be over… even though it has just begun!


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