Western Inspired

westerninspired I’m not what I would call a country girl by any standard, although I did grow up in the country. I am however, a fan of the style attributed to the boonies where I once resided. Layers and warm tones, hints of denim and structured boots.

This outfit makes me think western because of the mixed denims and brick red scarf. I haven’t worn this scarf in a long time, although I swore by it last year in Australia. It just added that something extra to every simple top. I have a long Stella & Dot necklace that I had thrifted last year that compliments the colours perfectly, the real challenge is keeping it untangled!

This long tunic shirt is a new staple in my wardrobe because its so easy, comfy and works so well with pretty much everything. I’m not exactly a fan of leggings, the look just doesn’t flatter me like it does other people, I have too much shape! But jeggings I can do, slim fit jeans that mimic the look of leggings without the body hugging spandex. I am still in love with these faux cowboy boots! They were the perfect find after having to part with my well-loved $4 ones from Calgary.


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