10 Years of Trends I Didn’t Catch On To!

I have been thinking a lot about fashion trends lately and have been reflecting on my personal style. I had recently read an article about why its okay to not follow trends as they aren’t really suited to everyone. I’ve compiled a list of trends over the last decade that I didn’t really take to, this doesn’t mean I didn’t try – but I just felt either it was not appealing to me at all or it just didn’t suit my body type. So here it is, my list of no-go trends for the last ten years!

YEAR: 2008

Shoe Boots & Uggs
These two are rather interesting to reflect on. When Uggs first became big I wasn’t a fan – I thought they were quite ugly in fact… I still do! But I tried a knock off pair from Walmart briefly, they were black with sequins. I am pretty sure I returned them the next day! They just weren’t flattering, they were bulky and you quickly ended up walking on that awful slouch around the ankle! The “shoe boots” look all of my friends were wearing with their little black dresses and I just felt it wasn’t for me. I think I just prefer the classic look of simple knee high boots (if you’re going the boot direction) or simple heels. The in between style works better with a skinny pant.

YEAR: 2009

Shorts with Tights & Crocs
To be perfectly honest I didn’t even try the shorts with tights look as I didn’t feel it fit into my style in any way. I rarely wore shorts in the first place let alone with tights underneath. I didn’t mind it on other people but it just seemed too grunge for my taste. Crocs you either love or hate! These are another item I didn’t even bother to try as I am (to this day) still repulsed when I see people wearing them. I suppose its a lot like seeing people trudge around in the summer with worn out flip flops.

YEAR: 2010

Logo Obsessed Products & Naked Dresses
Granted, you’re not likely to wear runway or celebrity looks such as the naked dress in your every day life – but I’m sure many people have tried. For me its one of those things I just shake my head, as beautiful as you are honey I don’t need to see you naked. I realize the look is for publicity, the shock factor – ultimately in a year or two Rihanna is just going to walk on stage naked and no one will blink an eye. On the flip side, a trend that 95% of the population is still on board with – the obsession for labels and logos a la Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc. These brown/tan repetitive logo prints on purses, clothing – you name it. As a non-label fashionista, I don’t see the appeal.

YEAR: 2011

Drop Crotch Pants & Tunic Tops
These two are an interesting choice as they are circumstantial. Drop crotch pants (que Hammertime!) make perfect sense for yogies as they have that sort of bohemian feel, which I totally love but it doesn’t really fit my every day. Tunic tops are hugely popular to this day among older women that find these long tops with leggings and boots to be a comfortably easy solution to getting dressed. I’ve tried it a handful of times but ultimately I have too many curves for long tops and it feels frumpy.

YEAR: 2012

Wedge Sneakers & Peplum
I’ll admit straight up that I’ve tried both of these without luck. I tried a peplum dress and as nice as the dress was, it just did nothing for me and accentuated my already big hips. I tried a blouse that was just too much froo froo for me. Any time I see it on other women I think, wow that’s beautiful! But alas on me I don’t feel the same. The wedge sneaker I thought was absolutely ridiculous when it first came out. I felt like designers were trying real hard to blend styles and failed miserably. But as before, its also circumstantial and depends entirely on the look. I tried on a pair of wedges almost identical to these in the same blush pink but the zipper backs were broken off. I actually liked the look of them and was planning to buy until I realize they weren’t easily fixable. Sigh.

YEAR: 2013

Graphic Sweatshirts & Crop Tops
Ah yes these two go hand in hand. Imagine walking through the mall passing by the windows of H&M and Forever 21 in the last few years. These may have been targeted at a younger crowd which is probably why I still don’t see the appeal. As you know I’m not one for labels so anything with big text on it usually doesn’t catch my eye. I prefer to layer with prints and textures rather than have a slogan across my top. They came out with what I call “tacky” sweatshirts full of sequins, glitter, graphics and text with the intent that adults would wear it rather than children. I feel like it really missed the mark for my age category. Crop tops I feel basically the same way, I don’t feel its all that flattering on anyone.

YEAR: 2014

Wide Leg Pants & Shearling Coats
When I saw they were bringing back 70’s styles I thought: Oh gross! I didn’t like the brown-yellow-orange colour palette, I hated the high waist jeans and huge bell bottom styles. It felt gawdy to me like the carpets in my grandma’s house. Just thinking about 70’s decor makes me shiver! Having said that, I have a tall very slender friend who can wear these looks beautifully. Her physique can carry off the look of wide legs and high waist easily as she has minimal curves and the height to balance it. With my 5’3 hourglass figure its all kinds of bad news! Shearling coats are considered more of a luxury item than an every day style you’d pick up at the mall. But the look of them did nothing for me, they were very heavy and quite expensive. It seemed like an expensive trend that in a year I’d be over anyway.

YEAR: 2015

Denim Button Up Skirts & Athleisure
These two are still huge in the fashion industry to this day but they’re styles I haven’t been able to get on board with. The denim skirt looks cute on the right person when its styled appropriately – but for me most denim isn’t stretchy enough to be flattering on these hips. With the right figure I’m sure its a cute look for fall with warm layers, leggings and tall boots. Athleisure has never appealed to me – the whole idea that people started wearing gym clothing as their every day when they had zero intention on working out. The concept completely confused me for the longest time. I can understand when running errands it is just easier and more comfortable to wear your spandex. But pairing track pants with heels didn’t make sense to me, still doesn’t. Athletic wear for me is worn at home or at the gym and that’s it as I don’t find it comfortable to be perfectly frank. Melissa can rock this look no question but its her style, not mine and that’s totally fine!

YEAR: 2016

Chokers & Velvet
Sigh… When chokers started coming back around a few years ago I thought: oh no!! I was envisioning the plastic “tattoo” chokers I wore as a child that I’m seeing children wear again now! I get it, its weird, its fun… its harmless. The sophisticated black choker look can be so pretty, so classy but it needs the right look. I tried it a few times that year, more minimalist looking mind you, but it bothered my neck. I constantly choked myself by getting it caught (this one had long strings that tied into a bow). As fantastic as the look was, it was more annoying than anything else. Velvet. What can I say about his other than why. I’m guessing it has to have changed this time around because from what I recall, it was the sweatiest – most cringe-worthy fabric I had ever put on my body! I see dresses all the time that are crushed velvet and some women can pull them off but a lot still makes me go WHY?!

YEAR: 2017

Ruffle Sleeves & Western
You may recall a few outfits I had posted about a year ago featuring a very big ruffle sleeve top. As fantastic as it was I felt pretty darn ridiculous wearing it, so naturally it ended up leaving my closet shortly after. It was just too loud and wasn’t sending the right message. I’ve seen many styles that I have loved but I have yet to find one that really works well for me. The western phase didn’t really catch on in Kingston but I see it online and in magazines. A friend of mine does the look perfectly, but its more of a way of life for her. Not only does she sell western goods she also lives in western provinces where this is a very popular theme. Where I am you look more like a character than trend-setting.

YEAR: 2018

Jumpsuits & Thick Heels
How does one make a jumpsuit look good? Rompers are one thing but full bodied jumpsuits? I feel like they’re better suited for working in a mechanic shop or warehouse – to save your good clothing from being wrecked. I suppose its another victim of designers reaching far for inspiration. Thick heels just makes me think of these brown suede boots my sister had in her early high school days from Aldo. I think she wore them once because they were so bulky and uncomfortable! Granted I’m a little biased as now in my 30’s I’ve opted for a lower heel and less of the Barbie arch. If you can rock the look, especially with big florals and prints – the power to you!


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