Across Canada Thrifting Journey – Day Two

Thunder Bay, ON

I stayed the night in Kenora at the same Days Inn hotel Mom and I stayed at in January. Once again up at 5:00am to begin Day Two on to Thunder Bay. Now anyone that has done this journey from Kenora to Sault Ste Marie knows it is both beautiful and dreadful at the same time. 8 hours of no cell phone reception and no Tim Horton’s. Gas stations few and far between at tiny cottage-country towns. Each stop I made I was asked by bikers where they could find a suitable hotel for the night and I would point to my Alberta license plates. I was no better at directions than they were!

I made it around half the bend to Thunder Bay, around Lake Superior-Pain-In-The-Ass (or so was named after we did this same trek in white-out winter conditions!) I did not photograph this Value Village location but conveniently it was right beside a large Salvation Army too! I did however pick up a complete set of gold accessories that would go perfectly for my outfit I would wear that Saturday to my cousin’s wedding. I picked up all kinds of gold jewellery which has since set me on a complete gold “high” ever since.

The next and final stop of the day was Sault Ste Marie, Ontario which I arrived at around 10:00pm. Completely exhausted (I stopped to get a 5 hour energy boost drink which nearly put me to sleep) and was rather zombie-ish. I even had to call in for backup funds as I had maxed my credit card on gas! Ouch! I looked out the window of my room before heading to bed, only to realize the hotel was practically in the same parking lot as Value Village! Unfortunately I wouldn’t wait around and delay my final leg of the trip to check it out.

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