Brights & Stripes

I don’t often seek out inspiration for styling outfits. I tried using Pinterest a handful of times and just felt consumed, overwhelmed and more disorganized than ever. Its a great tool for some but it doesn’t work for all of us. I’ve never liked the assumption that we get inspiration from specific sources or that we are trying to copy or imitate someone or something else. While no ideas are new ideas per se, I like to think that its my own creativity and subconscious collection of visual tips that pulls an outfit together.

I found this really cool longer pencil skirt by Alex & Olivia at Cash for Clothes in downtown Kingston on a spontaneous thrifting adventure this past Saturday. While I don’t often stray from my usual thrift stores, this one is a unique gem and not for the faint of heart. Its the thrill of the hunt in this shop! There’s so much to see in a small space but lots of great goodies to be found for just $5 each!

I loved the style of the skirt more than anything and its the same spandex midi style that I am most drawn to. I found myself googling images of striped skirt outfits to see how other people style them for inspiration… Despite spending all this time looking for ideas on how to style it, I found myself retreating to my comfort zone and going with smaller punches of colour and solids. While I love the idea of pairing a bright floral blouse with a striped skirt, I felt overwhelmed with each one I tried at home. Each one just wasn’t quite right. I think pairing stripes with a contrasting pattern such as bright florals is quite challenging, you really have to be confident and bold in your choice. One day I have faith that I will find the perfect pairing, but this sort of style cannot be rushed!

There is a great hesitation in the world of every day fashion when it comes to stripes. We’ve heard the tales time and time again about what makes us look wide or slimming. For as long as I can remember, horizontal stripes have been long labelled as a big ‘no-no’ which is a fashion myth that has no actual merit. In a recent study by Dr. Robert Thompson of the University of York, the results are not surprising to those of us that have no fear of the horizontal stripe. This experiment featured 200 women and almost always, the vertical stripes actually make you look wider than horizontal. Go figure!

I think the real key to wearing stripes of any kind is finding the right style that suits your body. Maybe you look better in thick stripes, or very fine pinstripes… its all trial and error. If your reflection looks back at you and says, “wow girl, you look fantastic!” then who cares what the rules are!

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