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My social media feeds are primarily my office attire and formal wear, simply because I wear it so frequently. This is very rare for most people and many times I’ll receive a message asking what I wear when I’m at home. Do I still wear dresses? Wear makeup? Do my hair in curls? Just like anyone else, the minute I burst into the door at night I’m in fleece pajamas and a bath robe! The bra goes flying in the laundry hamper and my hair gets piled on top of my head with a clip. My boyfriend sees me for maybe a whole of 5 minutes looking “put-together” for work, then like magic: POOF! I’m in cozies.

But when I’m at home and NOT in pjs, I typically go for your standard white tshirt and blue skinny jeans. The last two years I’ve been favouring two different pairs of shoes: caramel brown ankle boots or white sneakers. Both I can easily slip on and run errands in. As I was reflecting on the idea of casual looks, I started compiling images that stand out over the last few years that I consider to be my “casual” clothing. Although many were worn to a casual work environment, some were just things I threw on to buy groceries or attend a birthday lunch.

Scarves are a huge wardrobe staple for me. They’re comfortable, easy to style, fun to wear, fashionable and they keep me warm! There are often situations where I will have a boring dress or shirt that needs some excitement where a necklace just doesn’t work. Scarves are a great fix.
I often wear coloured skinny jeans or khakis. I find that this allows me to have colour present, even though I’m wearing a plain white sweater. I also tend to wear the same pieces of jewellery which is two silver rings, one of which is a very large spoon ring I bought locally off an artist. The other is a small band with a giraffe spot engraving around it. And lastly, simple sparkle studs.
The more I look at these images, the more I realize my weekend outing style is very much the same. Sweater, skinny jeans, boots and a big scarf! I like to layer and keep it simple on the weekend. I think about my outfits less and maybe that’s why this template works well for me.
These two looks were so much fun and were inspired by Instagram looks as you can imagine. I always wanted to try the graphic tee and blazer look but I wanted it to be feminine as well. I wanted to experiment with other styles so it was exciting to test them out on the weekend. One look I wore to an art festival and the other to a pub date with friends.
These two looks are most likely to be recognized as “dressy” looks rather than casual weekend outfits. I sometimes take the weekend as an opportunity to wear less formal looking dresses and skirts, pairing them with denim or boots for a more casual look. Sometimes I have just thrifted a new sun dress and can’t wait for a work day to try it out!
Ahh yes, my beloved mustard yellow. I really like bulky, oversized sweaters with large cable knits. I don’t think either of these are particularly iconic, but they are two of the most highly “liked” images on my Instagram feed. Seems I’m not the only one who crushes on this colour!


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  1. You have some vert nice out fits how does one figure oyt therw style ? Thats my problem I just can’t figure it out .

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