Christmas Eve on the Beach

In light of the past year with working two jobs and the amount of responsibility I have obtained I was not sure when I would have an opportunity to go on holiday. People had been saying “just go” but its not as easy as that because around the holiday season the rates of all the resorts skyrocket! I was looking at the Valentin Perla Blanca in Santa Maria, Cuba which is an adult resort (something I had never tried) and was upwards of $900 for 4 nights. The second downfall of travel (at any time) is that for one person the price is at least $200 more than if its for two people, which I feel is so unfair.

However this particular resort I had been watching on and the price dropped three times the Friday before I planned to leave so I thought “Yes! This is it!” I left on December 21st the Monday before Christmas and returned Christmas Day around 3pm. What an amazing holiday, my first completely alone and I loved every minute of it. Because I could go on forever I’m just going to let you know about the outfits!

xmascuba1Now I know I preach that I never buy new, but this tank top was part of my charitable donation this year to TenTree. I purchased their mystery bag which includes 5 random articles of clothing in a size of your choice. I ordered mediums just to be safe! This tank was my favourite and I thought it would be a great style for just walking down to the beach.

The second outfit is one of two dresses that I only wear on holiday it seems! They are on the short side so that may have something to do with it – but they are just the easiest pull on dress that hang away from the body in the heat. And wouldn’t you know it, from Streetwear Society (a cheap mall brand) that I paid about $5 for!

xmascuba2 xmascuba3

This dress I wanted to show more detail of because I had snatched it up at a Value Village half price sale for probably $5 and thought it would be perfect for any upcoming trips. Sure enough I planned this one! In trying it on while packing I was uncomfortable with how short it was – only because I’m long in the body and have a bum! Not to worry though, a simple stitch of lace around the bottom added that extra security feature for me!

Here is part two of the two Streetwear Society dresses! You know me I love turquoise! This one just goes with everything I own, its bright and fun and so easy to wear. It goes very nice with my favourite drink: Pina Colada!

xmascuba4Here’s the real gem of the trip, a dress I didn’t hesitate to pack, which is funny because I normally don’t travel with anything expensive that I would be sad if I lost. This dress was consigned at The Store several years ago, either a Joseph Ribkoff or Frank Lyman (aka expensive $150-200 dress) for which I think I paid around $30 for but I honestly had never worn it. It is the most vibrant neon green you have ever seen. Absolutely stunning! I actually did some alterations to it, removed the side zipper as it was scratchy and unnecessary. It was also a tad too long so I gathered it along the one side for a rouched effect.


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