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Decorate with Woven Baskets!

If there is one thing that is always plentiful at the thrift store it has got to be woven baskets of all shapes, sizes and colours! I personally love the natural ones as they have a much warmer feel than painted ones, but if you’re all about paint – go for it! I didn’t realize until recently how frequently I use them in my decor, whether its for organizational purposes or creating a nice centre piece. I find them extremely useful for at home, not to mention affordable!

Baskets are perfect for the kitchen and dining room. I have two that I alternate between as a centrepiece or for holding fruit and vegetables. In the summer months I grow a wide variety of vegetables in my garden and it seems like every day I’m loading up a basket full! If you have guests coming over for lunch its a great way to show a selection of goodies by using it as a serving tray or a coffee and tea showcase.

If you want to impress your guests you can pretend to be an every day Martha Stewart by creating a display or showcase of fresh vegetables along with some spices and wooden spoons for your kitchen counter!

Woven baskets or hampers have certainly come back into modern home decor in a huge way. If you follow minimalist interior design at all you’ll see they are certainly a designer favourite! I currently have three large baskets (aka laundry hampers) that I am using as plant holders. Most of my larger plants such as this Fiddle Leaf and Schefflera. The woven basket is an elegant solution for covering up ugly plastic pots!

When I moved into my house the first thing I did was remove the cupboard doors in the kitchen, not only were they unattractive but they were permanently sticky… no one wants that! So instead of replacing them I removed them altogether and left simple open shelves which gave the room a lighter more airy feel. I discovered a bunch of sea grass baskets at the Talize shortly after they opened in Kingston and they were the ideal fit for storing my wide assortment of spices and oils.

A year later I renovated my laundry and mud room because I needed some closet space close to the door and once again, these sea grass baskets were the best solution! I have found several styles over the years but they are all about the same size. To be honest I quite like the eclectic look!

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