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Decorating for Winter

I’ve always enjoyed winter decor, not necessarily Christmas but changing my home decor based on the season. In recent years in my single life, I would find the holidays rather sad because I felt as though it was geared towards families, those with children or with a significant other. When you don’t have these things (the children/spouse part not the family part) it feels very lonely and rather isolated. I began going south on my own to a lovely adult resort where many guests were in the same boat as me. To get away from the materialism and hype that this time of year brings. In going south I actually didn’t sink much effort or time into decorating specifically for Christmas as I wouldn’t be home to celebrate it anyway.

Christmas is lovely but it can also bring out the worst in people. Its probably the most marketed holiday of the year and the minute Halloween is over, the Christmas carols are blasted on every store speaker and all over the radio. For two full months its nothing but the same few songs recorded by different artists (if you’re lucky) and a lot of product pushing. As a thrift and budget conscious person, I just become glazed over and find myself looking forward to it being January. When we decorate for a season rather than a specific event, you allow yourself a more broad range of options.

My favourite ways to decorate is with basic silver, gold and apple green balls. Whether or not I have a tree (I actually don’t have enough space in my home for a full size tree so I sometimes put up a set of three small ones) I will still hang ornaments in the window or in my ficus tree. Sure it isn’t an evergreen, but I quite like having subtle green sparkle balls in it that the light catches. All year round I have tiny white lights framing my living room window that are on a timer – mostly so I can see into the room when I get home and its dark, but also because it sets a very calming mood lighting.

My house was built in the 50’s which means small boxed rooms and very few ceiling lights. The tightness of it makes it cute and cozy, but also overwhelming very easily as there just isn’t room for normal every day furniture. Since investing in a beautiful L shaped couch and glass coffee table, I haven’t been able to decorate the way I used to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I do miss the change up every few months! On my coffee table I love to have a centrepiece of sparkly balls, perhaps some leaves and a candle in the centre. Candles are everywhere in my living room I just love them!

The other side of the coin when decorating for the season is half the year all my plants are inside, doubled up in rows near the living room window. This is usually a comment made on my YouTube Channel, how some people will say: “wow I love all your plants!” and the other half will say “there’s way too much in there, its claustrophobic!” True it is a jungle sort of claustrophobia, in a natural and cozy sort of way. Looking at photos you’re seeing a glimpse but not the full reality of being in that room. You have to work with the space you have. Without children or pets to be concerned with, I can have lots of trinkets, plants and furniture arranged in a way that works best for us. Its more geared towards how we use the room every day.

One of my favourite seasonal decorations is multi tiered sparkly triangles, or trees, depending on how you look at them. They are super light, can be stacked away in storage and add that little something in the room. Currently I have a few stacked on the floor, some in among plants and a couple next to the TV. If you don’t like glitter these aren’t a good idea for you! It ends up everywhere!

The final reason I enjoy decorating for the winter season rather than specifically for Christmas is that there is no limit on when to put it up or when to take it down. I once knew a woman that would have her tree up in October and wouldn’t take it down until April she loved it that much. You know the type, they have their outdoor lights on while passersby are wearing sandals still. But to each their own! When you’re decorating for “winter” you can put it up and take it down as you see fit.

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